Describe Ponyboy from The Outsiders?

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Happy Birthday, Ponyboy – Why Kids Love The Outsiders

-Got hurt really bad by the socs.

-Gets abused by parents.
-He has a horse named Micky that got tooken away.

-He is handsome.

-He has Ponyboy's back.

-His parents are dead.

-His brothers are Darry and Ponyboy.

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When Ponyboy walks into his house, Darry tells him that, had Ponyboy come home much later, he could have phoned the police. However, he says he could not, as Ponyboy and Soda would be taken into care.
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Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

4. "Perhaps it was Estraven's own character, in w hich candor and reserve were both strong: every wordhe said rose out of a deeper silence. He heard my voice bespeaking him as a dead man's, his brother's voice. Idid not know what, besides love and death lay between him and that brother, but I knew that whenever I bespokehim something in him winced away as if I touched a wound. So that intimacy of mind established between us was abond, indeed, but an obscure and austere one, not so much admitting further light (as I expected it to as showingthe darkness" (??) This quotation touchees upon a number of issue/themes that are important to the novel,but how does it specifically speak to the duality between fact and imagination, or actuality and reality?

Feb 01, 2004 · Ponyboy narrated every episode of The Outsiders. On the night of the premiere, FOX aired a brief message from Bart Simpson who explained that Open House and The Tracey Ullman Show would not been seen that night so that FOX could air a sneak preview of The Outsiders.
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-His parents are dead.

-He is Sodapop and Darry's brother.

-He is a Greaser.
Dally Winston
-Dally is 17 years old.

-He gets drunk alot.

-Helped Ponyboy and Jonny after Jonny Murdered Bob.

Ponyboy hears Johnny scream behind him, but before he can go back Dally smacks him on the back and knocks him unconscious. Though they are seen by society as misfits and hoodlums for being greasers, Ponyboy and Johnny's first instinct is to take responsibility for the fire they may have caused.
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