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The hiding players must be ableto see the predator at all times. The predator can not move locationbut can swat and turn. The object of the game is for the playersto try and get as close to the predator as possible without being seen.

Newspaper Race - Two newspaper sheets requiredper player. Each player must race to the turning point and back,stepping only on his newspapers.
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OREach game began with one person, usually the youngest and smallest playerfrom each team, being a prisoner. The object was for each team tofree its captured members. There were three lines drawn across thevacant lot: a centre line and each team's end line. The "prisons"were on opposite corners of the lot. Team A's prison line was inthe south east corner of the lot; Team B's prison line was in the northwest corner of the lot. The prisoner had to have one foot on theopposing team's endline. He/she would stand at right angles to thecaptor's prison line with his/her legs spread apart and arm extended. As the team members ran across the centre line to touch their team member'shand to free their captured team member, the opposing team would try tocatch them. The centre line was the safety line. You were safeonly if you were on your side of the vacant lot. If a player wastagged by a member of the opposite team while he/she was across the centreline, he/she also became a prisoner and was taken to the corner of thelot and put in prison. The most recently captured team member hadto go to the back of the prisoner line with his/her foot on the captors'end line and the previously captured prisoners would move up closer tothe centre line. A player could only free one prisoner at a time. After a prisoner was freed, the liberator and the freed prisoner had torun all the way to the other end of the vacant lot, without being re-captured,and cross the end line before they could go and free a new prisoner.

Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players, in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent
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Birds Have Feathers (moderate) One player is leader. He and all theothers flap their arms like birds. He calls out names of somethingwith feathers. If a player flaps his wings on a calling thatdoesn't have feathers he's out. The leader flaps his wings on almostall things to confuse the group and calls as rapidly as possible. "Birds have feathers, bats have feathers, babies have feathers, etc." Blanket Stand (cooperative)Equipment: Blanket Spread out blanket;whole group must get on it so that no appendages are touching the groundoff the blanket. If the group completes the stand, have them getoff and fold blanket in half. Repeat the above process for as longas possible.

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Roundabout (active) Players stand in a circle facing each otherfront to back. When the leader says "Go" everyone begins runningaround the circle. Always passing on the outside, each player triesto pass the person ahead. Players try and tag players as they pass. Tagged players are out. When the leader calls "Switch", the playersmust reverse direction. This turns the tables on the fast runnerwho is just about to overtake another player.

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Paul Revere Relay - Divide children into teams of 6 -12. Place teams in column 20 feetor more apart, the back man being the latest and the most active on theteam. On the work "go" he dashes forward and jumps pick-a-back onnumber 2, who dashes forward to #3 and the transfer of the light ridermust be made.

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One for each oneon another straight line. On the word GO, the first member of eachteam runs to his team's ball and places it between his ankles. Thenext person then runs back to the far line, places the ball between hisfeet and hops back. If the ball is dropped, the player must returnto the line and start over. the first team finished and sitting downis the winner.

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Rutabaga Rutabaga! (circle/passive) Each player is given the name of a veggie. The main rule of this game is that you are not allowed to show your teethat all. Your gums must always be covering them. You then mustsay the name of your vegetable and the name of another person's vegetable. That person then must say the same thing. If you make a mistake orshow your teeth in any way at all then you are out.