Play the Game - an Australian poem of the First World War that has recently come to light.

Killing the Biosphere to Fast-track Human Extinction

It's funny how poems tend to get generated in my mind. They never begin with what, in my teaching days, students called "ideas." Rather, they begin with some sensory recall, more often than not auditory. This can be the sound, say, of a certain woodpecker on a very still spring morning; a snatch from an old Monk tune; or, as in this case, a small chunk of conversation that has lodged itself in mind, whether or not I knew it had.

Given the fact of 'neonate ignorance', there cannot but always be something of 'a human condition'.


In spite of all the tragedies and ill health that besetOld Issa, we, with great love, remember this kindly man whowrote such magnificent poetry. Numbered among the triumvirategreats, his name will never be forgotten in Japan, and mostlikely will not be forgotten throughout the world.

41. Designation of humans a non-nature and giving allthese non-nature haiku another name.

Just as a documentarian hasn't effaced a viewpoint just by having a pretense to "fly-on-the-wall" observation, so the poet hasn't effaced an "I," even if it never shows up in a poem. We all go home to the editing room. That doesn't mean one can't point or indicate, or even arrive at something like a fact.

1. I don't normally close read my skin.2. My first impulse is to close read the poem.

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I really do think that so much of what keeps people away from poetry is a firmly held and incorrect idea about poetic language: that whatever is on the page can't possibly be what is "really" meant. It's a paradox, because to read poetry is to look for that transcendence poetry can give, the way it can bring us out of ordinary experience, into different levels of understanding, or more exciting, even magical realms.

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We invited about thirty-five poets to submit manuscripts for this year's chapbook box set. This is an annual ritual that we are committed to carrying until we arrive at the tenth year of publishing the chapbooks of a new generation of African poets. Each year, the task gets more and more difficult. The quality of the manuscripts is extremely impressive. The range of the work we are getting is equally striking, representing poets living in Africa and those of African heritage living in the recent African diaspor

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While the stories about Issa do not mention in detail hisvarious employments while traveling, which were necessary toearn the small change needed to keep him alive, there is onepoem he wrote which indicates a soft job. .

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I began curating poetry for Hyperallergic last year, the summer of 2016, taking over for former editor Joe Pan. The magazine was already a daily read for me, so I was excited when Joe asked me to step in—he's developing a place for fiction in the series, which excites me too. I publish original poetry and poetry-in-translation bi-monthly, each time paired with visual art that is selected in collaboration with Associate Editor Elisa Wouk Almino

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In some of my new poems I've been playing with the idea of audience. Am I talking to myself or to strangers? Both. I'm talking to myself, but letting strangers listen, and I'm talking to strangers, though maybe also to my future self.