At age 51, Lincoln became president of the United States.

 - Samuel Lincoln from Hingham,England, settles in Hingham, Massachusetts.

- January 17th, Lincoln's fatherdies.

- President-elect Lincoln gives a brief to friendsand supporters at Springfield and leaves by train for Washington, D.C. During the train trip, he is warned about a possible assassination attempt.

- Thomas Lincoln (Abraham'sfather), descendant of Samuel, is born in Virginia.

- On April 4th, his fourth son,Thomas (Tad) Lincoln is born.

But it was passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 that excited Mr. Lincoln to complex moral analysis and tough political action. He saw the legislation, sponsored by Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas, as an attack on the equality principle of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration and the Constitution were fundamental to Lincoln’s values. Historian Mark E. Neely, Jr., wrote: “Although Lincoln took his economic ideas almost uncritically from the Whig party, his view of the American revolution more closely resembled that of the Jacksonian Democrats. Characteristically, Lincoln saw the United States as dating neither from Plymouth Rock nor from the Constitution, but from the Declaration of Independence.”16 It was the Declaration which was the bedrock of Lincoln’s principles.

- Abraham Lincolnis born in a one-room log cabin on Nolin Creek in Kentucky.

Abraham Lincoln had a very successful career up to becoming president. But for anyone trying different things, there can be a number setbacks. For some reason, writers exaggerated the setbacks or defeats, in order to use them to inspire people to overcome life's difficulties with Lincoln as a model.

- Lincoln does not get chosen by theIllinois legislature to be U.S. Senator.

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- On August 4th, Abraham Lincoln, age24, is elected to the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the WhigParty. He begins to study law. In December, he first meets Stephen A. Douglas, 21,a Democrat.

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At age 47, Lincoln received votes in the Philadelphia Republican convention for the vice presidency. He did not campaign and was not running for the office at that time, so he did not gain the nomination.

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- In January, former storepartner William Berry dies, increasing Lincoln's debt to $1,000. On August25th, Ann Rutledge, Lincoln's love interest, dies from fever at age 22.

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- Lincoln helps to successfully defendHenry Truett in a famous murder case. On August 6th, he is re-elected to the IllinoisGeneral Assembly, becoming Whig Floor Leader.

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- In June, Lincoln argues hisfirst case before the Illinois Supreme Court. On August 3rd, he is re-elected to theIllinois General Assembly. In autumn, he becomes engaged to Mary Todd.

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- Lincoln does not seek re-electionto the legislature. In the summer, he resumes his courtship with Mary Todd. In September,Abe accepts a challenge to a duel by Democratic state auditor James Shieldsover published letters making fun of Shields. On September 22nd, the duel with swordsis averted by an explanation of letters. On November 4th, Abraham Lincoln marries Mary Toddin Springfield.

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At age 46, Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate but then willingly deferred his Whig votes, as a political move, to allow Trumbull to win the seat. It was a intentional move and not a defeat as the list claims.