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Burnside assumes command of the Army of the Potomac, relieving George B.

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Was his potential lost to the army? How far could he have gone up the chain of command? We will never know, of course. We do know that he conducted himself calmly and firmly during the stressful three week Suffolk campaign. He also acted coolly and decisively at Malvern Hill.

Lee [CS] and the Army of Northern Virginia crosses the Rapidan in an attempt to outflank the Army of the Potomac.

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Some cases are well known, such as the popular John Reynolds being killed at Gettysburg on July 1st, or Winfield S. Hancock retiring in 1864 due to ill health. Yet several other lesser-known but well qualified officers left the army as well. The loss of potential leaves us to wonder what their impact might have been.

After advancing to the outskirts of Richmond in the  against , the Army of the Potomac withdrew in the .

– Negotiated manipulation: Using and abusing Western-negotiated cease-fires to rearm their proxies; using violations to bleed the opponent’s army white while inhibiting other states from helping under the fear of escalation; dividing the Western alliance by playing economic incentives; selective and repetitive phone negotiations infatuating a favorite security partner.

McClellan [US] ordered to Washington to take command of the Army of the Potomac following the defeat at Bull Run

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The Army must relearn the importance of camouflage, concealment and deception; and must train with opposing forces utilizing drone technology and assuming they are under constant, real-time aerial surveillance. Likewise, anti-UAV targeting and defeat systems for low-level quadcopter and fixed-wing unmanned aircraft are needed at the company level.

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Here are just two examples of lesser-known leaders who proved they had talent and determination. How might the Army of the Potomac have benefitted from their leadership and skill?

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This entertaining volume from the same team of author Philip Katcher and artist Michael Youens who produced Men-at-Arms 37 The Army of Northern Virginia, explores how this transition came about, with a particular emphasis on weapons, uniforms and equipment.

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To compete in an electronic warfare environment, the Army must become proficient on analog systems again, remove all unnecessary electromagnetic emitters such as personal cellphones; route antennas as far from operations centers as possible; conduct “a day without radios or computers” during training missions; and quickly field its own organic electronic warfare systems.

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Soon Hooker resumed command, and Couch reverted to corps command. Whether Hooker should have taken the reins back so soon is a matter of debate. Thus Couch’s stint in army command lasted about an hour or so, and he did not have discretion to act freely, being constrained by a groggy Hooker’s instructions.

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At about 9 a.m. on the next day Hooker was stunned when a shell hit the pillar he was leaning on. Hooker then turned command of the army over to Couch, but gave him orders to withdraw the army to defensive lines to the north. Hooker told Couch, “I turn the command of the army over to you. You will withdraw it and place it in the position designated on this map.” Even though the other commanders (except Howard) strongly advocating staying to fight, and he was in command, Couch was given orders that prevented him having a choice.