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Working under this function helps the management control and supervise the actions of the staff.
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Controlling makes sure the organization stays on the path that was planned for it. Gemmy Allen stated that ‘Controlling is the final link in the functional chain of management activities and brings the functions of management cycle full circle.’ Controlling consists of three steps, which include establishing performance standards, comparing actual performance against standards, and taking corrective action when necessary. The controlling process usually leads to the identification of situations and problems which must be resolved by creating new performance standards.

most of the books i read always accept the five functions of management but I, like you chose four.
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When management is following this type of sequence, it becomes a continuing cycle. Plan, execute, and measure. The measurements become the basis for the next planning stage and so on.

Function of management Planning: Setting obectives, both long-term and short-term, and developing strategies for achieving them.
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I need questionnaires on management functions such as planning, organizing, directing, staffing , controlling , staffing and budgeting to be used in survey on how clergy use all these in the church as well us to our schools.

The management must organize all its resources beforehand, to follow the course of action decided during the planning process.
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is the organizational process that includes strategic planning, setting; objectives, managing resources, deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives, and measuring results. Management also includes recording and storing facts and information for later use or for others within the organization. Management functions are not limited to managers and supervisors. Every member of the organization has some management and reporting functions as part of their job.

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This management definition is more in depth and tailored toward business management. Notice that it consists of three primary activities. First, management establishes a plan. This plan becomes the road map for what work is going to be done. Second, management allocates resources to implement the plan. Third, management measures the results to see how the end product compares with what was originally envisioned. Most management failings can be attributed to insufficient effort occurring in one of these three areas.

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This review summarizes the current understanding of primary sclerosing cholangitis, a persistent, progressive disease for which there is no definitive therapy. The authors describe the pathogenesis and management of this condition.

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It progresses through stages of development and is ultimately, like most management principles, a looping function, without review and monitoring it will not be effective.

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It is interesting to note that there is no hard and fast rule to be followed in the application of these functions, as management is a real-time decision-making system, any of these functions can be operational in conjunction with any other and also as independent entities themselves.