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I really hope this web site bombs. We should organize a boycott of PETA and all of their atrocities. They kill more animals per year than any other agency, and they really don’t care about animals that much in general. The only reason they do something at all is so that they can appeal to the “bleeding hearts” out there and get more money to do stuff like this. I could go on all day about PETA and their agenda, but I think this illustrates just how PETA uses non-information and misdirection to see their goals done. If they could have their way, all animals would be released (yes, no more pets) and we would all be either vegetarian or vegan. That is their stance, people. Nothing less. It is insanity.

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As someone who has been in animal welfare for most of my adult life, I was thrilled to see your story and comments about PETA! Unfortunately, many people do not know that there is a difference between animal welfare and animal rights. Animal Welfare folks are interested in helping the animals have a better existence, whereas animal rights people place the same value on an animal life as human life — AR people want there to be meat eating, fishing, pets (dogs, cats, fish, horses, etc.), farm animals, hunting, etc. Many people think that when they support a national animal organization, they are helping animals in their community. That is incorrect. The national organizations pump out literature, web-sites, agenda promotion, and guidelines. This includes groups such as the American Humane Association, the Humane Society of the United States, and the International Society of Animal Rights. If people really want to help their community and the animals there they should do three things: 1) Spay & neuter all their dogs, cats & rabbits. 2) Make a lifetime commitment to their pets when they decide to get them. And 3) Support their LOCAL shelter (municipal or private) shelters if they wish to make a donation — don’t give their money to the national groups, it will not help the animals in their community. My job is as a humane educator to let people know these truths. I can go on and on about more ways people can help, but those are the top three. We need forums like yours, Randy, to help spread the word on how people can help! Thank you for doing that, and brightening up my day. It is hard to work in this business, seeing the carnage day after day. You remind me (through TRUE, & ) that there is hope for this world. Thank you!

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Just heard about your site from a large mailing list of shelters, rescues and many people who help them and the animals. Over the past many years, from their research and my own, I’ve heard all that you say about PETA and the many issues with some others, such as HSUS. It seems that most organizations that become that large begin shifting their agendas and actions. They retain some amount of true help for the animals, with stories and actions that bring in and hold donors. Enough that, even after finding the whole truth, many donors continue to contribute in order to continue the few good things they do. While smaller and with a different mix of truth/lies, we’ve found that Best Friends Animal Society is another of the same. Just as you’ve seen people scared to identify themselves to PETA, only a very few will dare stand up to BFAS.

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