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The mask of the red death is an allegory, which means that is a short story with two meanings.

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The goal of Erdrich writing the "The Red Convertible" was to communicate the emotional stresses war creates for a soldier and how that stress affects relationships with there families....

The short story "The Masque of Red Death," by Edger Allen Poe shows how that statement is true.

The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich - Summary summary and analysis.

First person-Lyman Lamartine
Allows readers to experience the emotion of the events unfolding first hand.
Follows victors life starting off in 1st grade and takes readers throughout his education ending in 12th grade.

Takes place on and off the Indian reservation he lives in on.
The Red Convertible is told to us in the past tense.

Victor faces discrimination over and over again throughout his school career mainly from the teachers he had.
Even though Victor faces discrimination throughout school he keeps pushing forward.

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Point of View
Louise Erdrich uses themes such as the red convertible to symbolize the relationship of two brothers, and how it changes.
convertible they bought in the beginning, sees changes throughout the story much like Lyman and Henry's relationship.

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Blood was its Avatar and it seal - the redness and the horror of blood..." - Edgar Allan Poe (Regarding the plague of the Red Death) The plague Edgar Allan Poe spoke of in his short story The Masque of the Red Death was one of complete and utter misery that defaced whomever it struck.

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The red convertible was at first the car that the brothers took to another world, the world which was so comfortable and free for them, but then they had to return back to reality.
The car also symbolizes the relationship between Lyman and Henry which shows how close of a relationship they had when they bought the car together.
"But it was the kind of stillness that you see in a rabbit when it freezes and before it will jolt.

The Red Convertible Louise Erdrich.

Takes the last picture of Henry, where he was acting more like himself.
Genre &

In the story, "The Red Convertible," Louise Erdrich uses figurative language and imagery to show how the relationship between the brothers changes.

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trying to reconnect with his inner self is also a major conflict in the story.
The red convertible is the symbol of freedom which is the state of Henry’s mind.

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In the story “Red Convertible” we (as the readers) follow along as Lyman narrates the blissful times of his youth to the tragic death of his brother....