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Good work Monica. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
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What state are you in? Many states it is ruled by the 9th Circuit Court (the biggest case was in Hawaii) that no one may be mandated to AAA …it is too religious. Google this subject. SO, you can tell your lawyer to go back or you can go back and say you want to attend Smart REcovery Meetings, Rational REcovery and or Attend SOS Secular for Sobriety meetings and say also that you want to do online meetings.

Why do you feel the need to come onto to this site and defend Alcoholics Anonymous?
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From reading many posts about why people leave AA and NA, I realize for many it is because of the conflict they feel as a Christian. Christians see that AA is really a pagan religion. There is a brand new site that speaks to the irony of AA meetings in church basements.

I prefer to expose and educate that there are many other choices and that AA is not the only way.
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I know your whole story I am am still incensed as to how rudely you have been treated. This is why people eventually hired lawyers and work for justice. Just know I am here for you and after I get over another flu…I will make some more calls on your behalf. There is a group of us meeting up here in Cali to make a difference.

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I saw an old NA friend a few months ago, a MEDICAL DOCTOR!!! I made the foolish mistake of asking her how she was, in the UK it’s common courtesy to answer this question with ‘great, okay, hmmm, or not so good’ but I got this tirade about how she was really angry with extensive details as to why, I wished I’d never asked!

My name is M and I am NOT an alcoholic

In summary nobody pursued me sexually or stole from me financially they did steal my personality though, they poked and prodded my intimate secrets and used them against me, they shunned me and started to love bomb my sponsee – incidentally her life has soared since she left, she is at university, she just got a job in London, she works, dates, has gotten rid of a serious eating disorder that was killing her and ‘praying/making amends/ 12th step work’ ergo ‘magical thinking’ was going to make it all better?!! I admire her so much, she remains abstinent to this day.

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Myself and a sponsee I had at the time had set up our own meeting and I called her over to talk. We sat there and talked non-stop for hours, it turned out that she had EXACTLY the same feelings, the word Cult came up, we both felt the same in pretty much every way. We watched Blamedenials video on ‘is AA a cult’ (or similar), I watched documentaries on cults as extreme as Jonestown and the HelterSkelter guy and saw so many similarities, right up to people committing suicide – albeit not the mass suicides of Jonestown but I knew enough people that had offed themselves whilst in AA/NA.

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Whilst there are many on here who have left because of extreme circumstances and horrible, horrible abuse, I left because of the sheer insanity and nonsensical nature of the program. It literally makes no sense and has 1001 get out clauses when someone relapses, it is nigh on impossible to have a sensible conversation with a stepper, heaven forbid a conversation about the program and why it’s bs.

The Efficient Causality Argument for God : Strange …

After getting all this contradicting and confusing advice from the CAers, I went to bed and sat there and applied some CBT – that I learned in SMART – to what was going on. I asked myself a few questions: if I didn’t do a nightly review would I relapse again? NO. If I didn’t do X amends would I relapse? NO. If I didn’t go to a meeting that night, would I relapse? NO.