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57% of developers tell us they check-in or commit code multiple times per day.
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Depending on your age and the price of your glasses it’s entirely possible that laser eye surgery could cost less in the long term. It’s estimated that each adult replaces their glasses every 2-3 years, iLASIK is a long-term solution.

We have the most qualified doctors in Australia who are committed to the health of your eyesight.
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You are skilled at changing your appearance

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Smith, who was frontman of the Manchester post-punk band, has died aged 60.
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More than 27,000 respondents gave us their user profile information. We looked it up: they’ve asked 383,445 questions and submitted 2,804,051 answers. Those questions and answers have helped millions of developers. You might be one of them.

The vast majority of developers use Stack Overflow to get help for their job. Most also use Stack Overflow because they love to learn.
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Our estimate on professional developers comes from the things people when they visit Stack Overflow. We collect data on user activity to help surface jobs we think you might find interesting and questions we think you can answer. You can and clear this data at any time.

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The three-day tournament saw a selected European side face a World team and included some of the world's best male tennis players including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Marin Cilic and Nick Kyrgios.

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More respondents consider themselves Full-stack Developers than any other role. On average, Full-stack developers are comfortable coding with 5 to 6 major languages or frameworks (vs. 4 for everyone else). Executives are comfortable using more languages and frameworks than any other developer occupation, which is most likely a result of having more experience.

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This year we asked respondents if they are Engineers, Experts, Hackers or any of the other descriptors we’ve frequently seen in job listings, business cards, and Twitter bios.

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95% of developers identify as either a Developer, Programmer, Engineer, Senior Developer or Full-Stack Developer. Embedded Application Developers are most likely to identify as Engineers. Graphics Programmers are most likely to identify as Programmers.

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The average developer in India is 6 years younger than the average developer in the United States. Looking for the future of developer growth? Look no further than India, Russia, Poland, and Brazil.