The unit of currency in Costa Rica is the colon.

Yes, a foreigner has the same rights to own property in Costa Rica as do citizens.
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When is the best time to visit Costa Rica? A.

Hi! We (2 couples- I am 58 the rest are early 60s) are travelling to Costa Rica for the very first time in two weeks! I found your website which helped us realize that we couldn’t do everything in 10 full days! Our friends are veteran travelers and we are tagging along.
We arrive in San Jose on Feb23 and have booked a hotel near the airport. We will have a vehicle for the entire trip. We have also booked all accommodation except for 2 nights. From San Jose:
Feb24-26 (check in-check out) Quepos

The general custom in Costa Rica is for the seller and buyer to share equally in the closing costs.
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Costa Ricans call this wet time of year their winter.

Hi there! I bought your itineraries e-book because this blog was so helpful. We are planning on traveling to Costa Rica next Christmas with our 2 kids who will be 7 and 5. For the 2 week family itinerary I read you recommend Nosara and Manuel Antonio beaches. I see that MA is clearly a highlight in Costa Rica but I’m concerned about how crowded it would be at Christmastime. Do you think it’s worth it to head over there then, or to stay around Nosara for longer instead? Thanks!

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, was named in honor of Juan Santamaria (11).
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Hi Stephanie, We have a Family chapter in our book, , so have a look at that. For snorkeling and diving, that is tougher because the best place for this in Costa Rica––is hard to get to (only accessible by boat or plane) and not recommended with a baby. One good option for this, though, is . It has one of the only places with decent snorkeling right offshore (if conditions are right), and has some beaches with calmer water for your daughter (Playa Cocles has a great spot with tidepools, in particular). This would give you the beach/rainforest experience as well. Hope that gives you some direction!

It is the site of many of Costa Rica's sunniest and most popular beaches.
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Costa Rica: A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture.

Unlike the United States and Canada, where the role of the notary is limited to authenticating signatures, in Costa Rica the notary has extensive power to act on behalf of the state.

Culture and Customs of Costa Rica.

ÒDuring his seventeen-day stay Columbus discovered that some of the Indians were wearing articles made of gold, from which the Spaniards assumed that much more gold was to be found further inland, and they accordingly and optimistically, named the region Costa Rica, meaning Ôrich coastÕÓ (6-7).

Do the cruise lines go to Costa Rica? A.

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Costa Rica: Modern Nations of the World.

As a result of the lack of gold and many indigenous deaths, Costa Rica became unimportant to Spain, often being neglected as one of the Spanish colonies (26).

Costa Rica is home to a rich variety of plants and animals.

The Costa Rican government will not tax property owners on their profit from the sale of their property as long as this is not undertaken as a means of business.

What is the capital of Costa Rica?

Despite the years of mistreatment, Spanish settlers moved into the land and began what is currently known as the Costa Rican population, intermixing with the indigenous peoples (27).