Is Christianity to survive as the religion of the West ?

It also influenced the forms of worship in the Christian church as well as the Moslem mosque.
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On the answer to that question depends the future of Christianity.

The psalmists also reappeared. The model of our Christian psalms is without doubt given in the canticles which Luke loved to disseminate in his gospel, and which were copied from the canticles of the Old Testament. These psalms and prophecies are, as regards form, destitute of originality, but an admirable spirit of gentleness and of piety animates and pervades them. It is like a faint echo of the last productions of the sacred lyre of Israel.

The monastic way of life had been around for a long time before the advent of Christianity.
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] He must add to these , if he would be the child of Him who "maketh His sun to rise on the evil, and on the good, and [Page 153] sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust",[S.

Timothy holds an important position, as representing the next generation of Christian teachers.
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Christianity bears the clear imprint of the founder, Jesus of Nazareth and it has been speculated that he may have been before the time of Herod’s death.

The return to God is the consummation of all things and the goal indicated by Christian teaching.
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The Christians refused to participate in the worship of the emperor and to Christians there was only one god and it was to his authority that they swore allegiance.

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Their morals were austere, but pervaded by a soft and tender sentiment. They assembled in houses to pray and to devote themselves to ecstatic exercises. The recollection of these two or three first years remained and seemed to them like a terrestrial paradise, which Christianity will pursue henceforth in all its dreams and to which it will vainly endeavor to return. Such an organization could only be applicable to a very small church.

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In the first 2 centuries AD persecution of Christians was sporadic, but by the 3rd and 4th centuries it became much more systematic as the empire weakened.

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By 311 the emperor Galerius recognized that persecution had failed and was actually backfiring on the Romans and he issued an edict of toleration making Christianity a legal religion.

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In 313 the next emperor Constantine issued the edict of Milan which legalized Christianity throughout the empire. He also granted may privileges to the church, but waited on his deathbed before receiving baptism.

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By 379 under the rule of Theodosius I Christianity became the official religion of the empire, and now pagans were persecuted and even the Olympic games were suppressed.