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confinement in a juvenile detention facility; reimbursement of the victim, or; probation.

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In his judicial role he makes findings of facts and issues orders in child protection actions involving abused, neglected and dependent children; as well as paternity, child custody, and termination of parental rights cases. He presides over misdemeanor criminal charges involving adults whose actions contribute to the delinquency or unruliness of a child. He also presides over cases involving delinquent and unruly children, juvenile traffic offenders and hears cases referred to the Sandusky County Family Drug Court.

That's why the work of juvenile justice and juvenile detention officers are so important.

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The primary roles of the Juvenile Office as established by 211.031 RSMo. can be broken down into three distinct areas of service with the first being child abuse and neglect cases, the second being delinquency cases and the third being status offenses.

If a detention center cannot be immediately found and detention is needed, a juvenile can be ..

A status offense is an offense in which when the child is beyond parental control and is not considered a crime if committed by an adult such as skipping school, running away or failing to follow reasonable parental directives. In these types of cases the Juvenile Office’s role is to move the case through the Juvenile Court process in an efficient manner and work collaboratively with the Missouri Children’s Division, parents and other service providers to assist the child and the family.

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