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Working with students is currently viewed as only part of the equation when providing integrated intervention services. Working with the classroom teacher(s) and paraprofessionals is equally important when the end goal is that of automaticity and generalization of language, communication, and literacy skills by students with ASD. The SLPs can play a variety of roles depending on the learning/support needs of the students, especially those with IEPs, the classroom context, and the needs of the classroom staff. Teachers and SLPs have some skill sets that are different from each other and others that overlap but which might be used differently by each professional. The classroom teacher has expertise in curriculum, classroom management, and group instruction while the SLP has knowledge about individual language and communication development, language/communication disabilities, and individualized intervention strategies. It is the marriage of the two sets of complimentary professional skills that can add power to an integrated services model.

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Particularly at the secondary school level, a given student has multiple teachers who need to provide instruction, support, and opportunities for generalization of identified skills. While a SLP might wish to contact each teacher about the integrated service roles, sometimes this approach is not practical. For certain topics, it is more efficient to provide in-service training for the staff or for certain core groups of personnel that could include the aides, job coaches, kitchen and maintenance staff, and bus drivers. Sometimes email is used to provide certain information or strategies to the broader school staff. As a consequence, new opportunities to be involved in classrooms, in community based curriculum, and on job sites might result.

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A frequent comment offered by SLPs in the schools is that school principals and special education directors must believe in the value of the multiple roles and the workload model or integrated services may not be optimally effective or occur at all. Not only does the administration need to allow the SLP to schedule planning time, for example, but this must also occur for the teachers. Everyone must remember the limitations of only providing pull-out direct services and why integrated services can be a better option for many students and particular skills.

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These ethical concerns do not mean that social workers should swear off technology, Reamer says. Instead, social workers should ask themselves serious questions before starting to use technological tools such as e-mail and cell phones. They also should check out the Code of Ethics for information on the use of electronic communications, consult with lawyers who specialize in risk management in social work, and consider licensing issues if they intend to work with clients in other states.

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A primary benefit of such technology is that it allows schools to reach students in far-flung geographic areas who are too far away to come to campus, says JoAnn Del Sardo, LCSW, distance education site coordinator for the social work department at California State University at Long Beach. Del Sardo helps coordinate a weekly distance education class that brings students in southern and northern California together with an instructor in Long Beach.

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JM: Many thanks, Casey, for providing us with up-to-date information on thestate of affairs in using information technology tools in higher education. Your campussurvey continues to be an important barometer for us all.

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Automation technology plays an increasingly large role as companies form new shared services operations and grow in maturity. As the organization develops and needs to serve a larger number of users, the benefits of implementing centralized automated services increases substantially. However, implementing automation is critical at every stage and companies that begin planning for the future early will be better poised to ensure long term success.

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To optimize growth and efficiency, technology and business leaders need to choose the correct solutions at each stage of the maturity cycle. This can be challenging for smaller organizations, as it is often difficult to strike the right balance between short and long-term goals. Larger organizations may also struggle with getting the most out of what they currently have, as major investments may be too costly due to the size and inertia of the organization.