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A role model has the ability to shape the views, ideals, and actions of a young person.
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Although some people allow their children to idolize Britney Spears, I now see that she is an inappropriate role model for her targeted audience of five to thirteen-year-olds....

Many parents fear to think of their child imitating actions from a ‘negative role model’.
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All eukaryotes appear to have cullins

[…] was taught explicitly. Teachers spent 5 lessons explaining and modelling how it worked and scaffolding its use before allowing them two weeks to practise using it to analyse a range of historical […]

This is scaffolded to “The mass of the reactants equals the mass of the products.”
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Unfortunately, scaffolding has become conflated with writing frames (and other tools of low expectation) and is consequently tarred with the same brush. It may be useful to use PEE (or one of its many variants) to get students to structure their writing, but these can often result in writing which slavishly follows a structure with little understanding of the processes and thinking involved. All too often they privilege procedural knowledge over propositional knowledge and produce work which only covers what students already know. The best scaffolding will support students’ thinking and their ability to integrate new concepts as well as just providing a structure. If we pitch our expectations at the very top and then scaffold upwards we will not go too far wrong.

The role of a parent is important in a person’s life, as they learn the acceptable way to live their lives, and even how to act spiritually.
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Ace Reclamation Supplying Architectural salvage, …

It is important to change student groupings frequently. Many teachers group students according to interests and skills to be developed. Mixed ability grouping of students is also valuable in supporting the participation of underperforming students. Scaffolding of participation through, eg oral language activities and the use of graphic organisers, will facilitate equal participation of all students.

Teaching sequence for developing independence Stage …

[…] Scaffolding – once pupils have had new concepts explained and had great examples modelled then they’re ready to have a go. Our job is to make sure that everyone is challenged to do something they will find difficult and help them deal with the frustration of not being able to get it. […]

Can there be teaching if there is not some kind of definable learning

Pretty slick, eh? If this kind of detailed scaffolding doesn’t result in students being able to work independently, nothing will. With enough of this kind of guided discovery, students will be ready for independent construction stage and to embark on the path to mastery. To achieve mastery we need to practise, and we all know what practice makes, don’t we?

What is the relationship of teaching and learning

The idea here was to scaffold students’ ability to be able to talk about this chemical equation using scientific language. Students naturally said things like “The amount of reactants is the same as the amount of products.”

Dakota Plan to Bury, Not Burn, ‘Scaffold’ Sculpture - …

A metaphor that has been used to describe this kind of teaching is ‘scaffolding’. The student is seen as constructing an edifice that represents her cognitive abilities. The construction starts from the ground up, on the foundation of what is already known and can be done. The new is built on top of the known.