The role of women in society between 1900 and 1914

Role of Women in Ancient Greece - Greek Boston
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02.03.09: How War Changed the Role of Women in the …

It was a time where women were no longer forced into the roles society had created for them.Women were quoted to have better motor skills than men, which was said to be from the common practice of needle work so they were useful with wire fuses on bombs and to fill metal casings with gunpowder.

Not only did women maintain their households, but also they played the roles of helping to support the war.
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The Role of Women in Ancient Nubia

The war created employment for women liberating them, while changing their traditional roles.Problems surface with the introduction of women workers, who’s growing influence threatened the men workers still in the United States.

This unit’s focus is on World War I, World War II and the causes and the role changes of women in the United States.War tears families apart.
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The 2018 Theme for National Women’s History Month is “Nevertheless, She Persisted: Honoring Women Who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.” Throughout this year, we honor fifteen outstanding women for their unrelenting and inspirational persistence, and for understanding that, by fighting all forms of discrimination against women and girls, they have shaped America’s history and our future. These 2018 Honorees refused to be silenced. Their lives demonstrate the power of voice, of taking action, and of believing that meaningful and lasting change is possible in our democratic society.

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