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28/04/2014 · During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many roles changed for women
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Their demands constitute a long list, and even though a number of religious, political and cultural figures in the country have derided women's demands and have rejected them as against the religion, I am glad to say that the conditions of women's' rights in Iran and the anomalies that exist have been a subject for comment by international observers.

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In addition, nationalistic, secular and reformist movements that, despite the risk of incessant onslaughts by religious and traditionalist extremists, increasingly insist on their democratic demands have come to appreciate the significant role of women in the process of transfer of power.

Thousands of women served as nurses and in other support roles in the major armies. The only nation to deploy female combat troops in substantial numbers was Russia.
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It is because of the impact of the events resulting from this historical challenge that many believe that the revolution has given birth to a kind of paradox in the life of the Iranian women.

For most of human history, people serving in combat were overwhelmingly male. In a few cases however, individual women have been recorded as serving in combat roles disguised as men or in leadership roles as queens (such as Queen Boudica, who led the Britons against Rome; Joan of Arc is the famous example).
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With regard to marriage and divorce, the 1959 Law of Personal Status, amended in 1963, liberalized various provisions that affected the status of women; in practice, however, the Iraqi judiciary up to the Revolution tended to be conservative in applying the provisions of the law.

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Specifically, Iraqi law required that divorce proceedings be initiated in a court of law, but the husband still had the controlling role in dissolving the marriage.

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Whatever the outcome, combat effectiveness remains paramount. Training standards cannot be lowered in order to accommodate women. Given the fitness requirements of ground close-combat roles, and the absolute requirement to maintain combat effectiveness, not all those currently serving women would be able to pass the tests required. But by ensuring ability, not gender, determines who succeeds, we are giving everyone a chance to compete for any military role.

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Soon after the revolution, Iranian women came to discover the gap between the reality before them and the expectations that had prompted them to take an active role in the course of the revolution.

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The question is whether the situation created by the imperatives of the process of transition of Iranian society from conditions of underdevelopment and domination of traditions to that of development and modernity can promise the final resolution to this paradox and bring about a fundamental reconsideration of the demands of women in the third decade of the life of the revolutionary system.

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The fact is that the current economic, social and political conditions of Iranian society have called upon women to play new roles that are essentially different from what their status in a traditional and underdeveloped social system would warrant.