The Romance of Tristan and Iseut has 8,613 ratings and 380 reviews

The Romance of Tristan and Iseut has 8,613 ratings and 380 reviews.

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So, I just ordered the new Capezio K540’s, really excited about them but like most taps, they come with that rubber skid pad on the bottom. Is there a way to remove these on my own or should I take them to a cobbler?

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This is not true. Teletone and Duotone are trademarked brand names of Capezio and are not universally regarded as a type of tap, and Supertone has been applied to a number of taps from a couple different companies. To say that these are the only types of taps available is like saying all shoes are classified as either Jordan’s, Air Jordan’s, or Limited Edition Jordan’s. The worst part is that you can more or less find this EXACT SAME SENTENCE on numerous websites.

Loose taps can drive you crazy, and I remember having to tighten my taps every five minutes when I was a kid. If only someone had showed me all of the options available for keeping the taps from falling off my shoes. No more!

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Or have a soundboard attached under the taps. A soundboard is a thin strip of fiber board that is easily nailed to the sole and will alter the pitch of the taps a little bit. For a higher pitch, replace the fiber soundboard with a metal one, but cutting the metal in to the right shape goes beyond the know-how of the average do-it-yourselfer.

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A cobbler was able to replace the teletones with the master taps, so I didn’t have to buy new shoes. The cobbler must have been in his 80’s and asked me why I chose them and where did I get them because he couldn’t remember the last time he had seen them. He told me that if I liked them, I should go back and pick up a couple pair of the taps just in case anything ever happened to my shoes.

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As much as I love scratching my brain for good answers, I am afraid that I can not condone tap dancing, or any type of dancing for that matter, on cement, especially bare, rough cement. Even if there is wood to put down care must be taken to not exert more than the minimum amount of effort as there is no way to beat a cement floor into working for you: the cement will always win and you will always lose. You see dancers dancing on the street for television and flash mobs, but it is really unhealthy and ten times worse for adolescent dancers where a torn ligament will may haunt them for life. I have been a member of several companies that have canceled shows due to the stage being cement, marble or linoleum upon our arrival. We always request a wood floor and it is ridiculous how many times people say, “Yeah, we have a wood stage,” only for that to be an outright lie or false truth. My favorite is: “Well, we do have a wooden stage, but you didn’t say that you would be tapping on it and we would rather not have scuff marks on it.”

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Hi Andrea, having read and re-read Tristan’s comment, I really don’t think he was issuing a reprimand or insinuating that you don’t care for your students. His response was passionate but only because he has the interests of dancers at heart. I’m sure you can relate!

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You have a wonderful column here and inform multitudes! But then I thought I came to the wrong place for help. But not all your readers are professional, hard stomping dancers. So I hope I can help some people like me. My students dance for the love of it, make their parents happy, and don’t always have a perfect stage.
I found a simple and successful answer to my problem. I put electrical tape on the tap, then covered that with duct tape. It worked wonderfully, came off easily and left no scratches on the taps. And regarding the students injury prevention, the numbers are about 2.5 min long. Kids played hop scotch and other games for hours on the sidewalks “back in the day” and all was fine.
I hope I have helped others like me.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!