16-2-2018 · Understanding Russian Economy

Belt and Road | Silk Road fever grips the Russian Far East and boosts economy

16/02/2018 · Understanding Russian Economy

A weaker ruble is not necessarily bad for the Russian economy in and of itself, but the volatility associated with the move is. Chart 3 illustrates the associated plunge in the Russian stock market, and chart 4 displays the concurrent surge in Russian borrowing costs.

Graham: Russia 'has an economy the size of Italy' | PolitiFact

In a note explaining the decision, Citi economist Ivan Tchakarov explained how Russian business investment and consumer spending were likely to suffer:

Jul 27, 2014 · Graham: Russia 'has an economy the size of Italy' ..

Russia's recent incursion into Ukraine has sparked significant turmoil in Russian financial markets and capital outflows, both of which have in turn clouded the outlook for economic growth.

Graham said Russia "has an economy the size of Italy." ..