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Chillingworth and dimmesdale compare and contrast essay

The A.O.A. denounces Liberation Theology as a conspiracy of stalinist nuns--theWhore of Babylon's secret scarlet deal with red fascism in the tropics. The Pope's Own Labor Union--backed by the AFL/CIO, the Vatican Bank, theFreemason Lodge Propaganda Due, and the Mafia. And if we ever voted we'dnever waste that empty gesture on some Xtian dog, no matter what its breedor color.

In the book The Pigman, written by Paul Zindel, there are two characters, Lorraine and John in which i am comparing and contrasting.
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Scarlet Letter/the Crucible Compare and Contrast

WE HAVE NO DESIRE to define the TAZ or to elaborate dogmas about how it must be created. Our contention is rather that it has been created, will becreated, and is being created. Therefore it would prove more valuable andinteresting to look at some TAZs past and present, and to speculate aboutfuture manifestations; by evoking a few prototypes we may be able to gaugethe potential scope of the complex, and perhaps even get a glimpse of an"archetype." Rather than attempt any sort of encyclopaedism we'll adopta scatter-shot technique, a mosaic of glimpses, beginning quite arbitrarilywith the 16th-17th centuries and the settlement of the New World.

In this essay I will compare and contrast a collection of different poems by Carol Anne Duffy, Robert Browning, Ben Johnson and Simon Armitage.
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As examples, one can compare and contrast the two mythologies in terms of characters, form and structure, creation myths, and mythology’s relevance to life.

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