To the church in Philadelphia He says, "" (Revelation 3:12).

Our focus should be on what message God is giving us through the seven churches.
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What do the seven churches in Revelation stand for?

A fewyears later, the Apostle Paul received revelations from our Lord Jesus Christof the mysteries for his unique ministry to the predominantly Gentile churchfor this present dispensation of grace.

Some inscriptions of Seven Sleepers have been noticed on the walls of the church.
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Seven Churches of Asia - Rapture Christ

In other words, every one of these seven churches should read what the others are being told, because some of these things reflect on all. But many churches have things that are wrong, some have things that are right, and some things that will happen to them. Nonetheless, all are of God. If you look at it in Greek, the message to Smyrna is mostly to “you,” not to “they.” It is directed to the angel of Smyrna.

Certainly Clement believed the Apostle John was the one on Patmoswho wrote the book of Revelation.
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For thefirst two centuries after Jerusalem's destruction, very little was written thatwould provide clues as to when the book of Revelation was written, and duringall of that time, Irenaeus appears to be the lone voice for the late date of 96AD.

But he never spoke of a church being dead in the negative context of Revelation3:1.
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Seven Churches in Revelation - Archaeology

We are given that time period more precisely in Revelation 17. The apostle John was taken into a vision to see a woman sitting upon this beast, and there were seven heads and ten horns associated with it.

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5. The one who overcomes (especially in Sardis) shall be clothed in white garments (symbolic of being spiritually clean); and I will not blot out his name from the book of life, but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels. (Revelation 3:1 - 3, 5, HBFV)

The Seven Churches of Revelation Today

The primary focus of this article is to convey who comprised the membership ofthe seven churches of Asia, to whom the book of Revelation was written, and towhich dispensation they belong.

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In chapter 17 it says that these seven heads were seven kings, and it says that five are fallen, oneis (which would be the sixth), one is yet to come for a short time, and then the eighth king is to come (Revelation 17:10–11). The eighth would be considered as the beast, the antichrist, that one who is the evil individual, with others, associated primarily with Satan the devil, who will exist at the end of the age just prior to Christ’s Second Coming. This eighth king will be associated with ten other kings, mentioned here, in the Book of Daniel, and also in Psalm 83. These ten kings are associated with this beast, known as the eighth king in the scenario here given by John in Revelation chapter 17.

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Much difficulty has been experienced in identifying the angels of the Seven Churches; and there have been various conjectures as to the station which they occupied, and the duties which they performed.

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The Scriptures nowhere teach that each Christian community is under the care of its own angelic guardian; neither is it to be supposed that an angel represents the ministry of a Church, for one symbol would not be interpreted by another symbol of dubious signification.