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The whole area around the altar is full of symbolism consistent with theNew Testament Revelations.

Freemasons - The silent destroyers

It is Definately a move to make people move to a certain area. When all the people are moved to a particular area it is like having them penned up and then they can be controlled a lot easier. Oh yes and easier to Spray. When I saw the Lithium Rocket’s over Virginia video I was astounded. The floods will continue in certain areas and the NYSE will have their bets down. The GMO thing is a bad one. I have yet to see anyone that pays attention to this except one person. I don’t see too many C-Trails lately. It is just a thick white grayish haze that blocks the sun totally. This is in Ontario Canada. Right now I can hear a Chopper and I can guess what it is up to. Constant spraying going on. I also notice more and more people that have had a Stroke. Loss of movement in their one arm. Also more people in wheelchairs. Way too many to count that are sick with something or other. It gets me that everyone pretty much just thinks its normal because it’s that time of year. I am convinced that most will not Wake Up. Dumbo Down Big Time. If anyone gets the chance Google Alan Watts Chemtrails YouTube. Also google Alan Watts Geoengineering You Tube.
Have a listen to him. Explains it well. I really hope you people in California can get some good rain there. It is a real mess all over the place. Take Care

Great Architect of the Universe

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dismal. Looking at the Drought in California Southern area tells me it is intentional for certain. I was looking at some newer movies that were filmed there and sure enough the foliage is dying and drying up. The NWO is well on it’s way. Dry it up and bring the M-on-santo GMO vegetation there. That is what it is all about amongst moving the people out and bringing in more and more actors for Hollywood. Promoting the Gay and Lesbian movement big time. Part of the Depoulation Agenda. Well it is working and more and more people are playing right into the dealers hand. What a world out there. Home of the Brave and Land of the Dead. Not the Old America it used to be is it? Just a shattered piece of Glass it is. Shattered lives and shattered dreams. Throw away your Dreams because all it looks like are Pipe Dreams. Really being as disgusting as it is there is hope. Yes there is. Hope that this Geoengineering will stop and the Land there will be taken back for the real people who care. Care about living a real life instead of Living a fantasy life in Fantasy World. Everyone can say this has to stop, but it isn’t going to unless more start to realize what is really going on. Will that happen. No because most will be 6 Feet under before that happens.

You can’t change weather patterns over one region without affecting global weather patterns. You just can’t, no matter how sophisticated your technology is, the amount of water in the atmospheric circulation is practically constant; if you cause drought in one area, it will certainly cause flooding in another, and in this particular case, the drought in Iran is being mirrored on the opposite side of the globe in California, IMO.

UPDATED: Engineered Drought Catastrophe Continues, …

Forget your greenback fed reserv note, its gone and the better for true liberty that we all accept this! The main conflict is to stop the weather program and than deal with other aspects of tyranny! The weather program is set to break the will of the American people in less than 3 years time!

Technology and Society - Atomic Rockets

Inone confrontation the Pharisees boasted, Theyalso accused Jesus of being a Samaritan, asegment of society greatly despised by Jews:

Technology: the progressives dream and the reactionary's nightmare

After Peter repented, Jesus asked himthree times with increasing levels of intensity,"Do you love me?" Peter responded each time,"You know I love you, Lord!" Then Jesuscommissioned him, "Feed my sheep."

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Now all you need to qualify you tofeed my sheep is an intimate relationship withme." The new, vital union Peter developed withJesus enabled him to become one of the greatestleaders in the early church, a man so anointed ofGod that the mere shadow of his body resultedin miracles of healing (Acts 5:15).


I am in phoenix, west side and today they are spraying HARD. I suspect to keep the high pressure from moving east as this is the first heavy spray day over our heads in awhile. Its suppose to be the start of our monsoon season but if there holding back the HP, not going to happen.I am wondering also about el~nino, whats going to happen with that?
On another note, we just came came back from a road trip to/from So. Cali and saw much spraying there and even out in the open desert and some looked to be many miles long out in the open.
Much more increased activity in yellowstone going on now as well, ppl in Montana finding gold particles in there water, hmm crazy.

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After Peter repented, Jesus asked himthree times with increasing levels of intensity,"Do you love me?" Peter responded each time,"You know I love you, Lord!" Then Jesuscommissioned him, "Feed my sheep."