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The perfection of strategies of confrontation in the sixties was a great power of the movement.
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April 9, 1976: Folksinger Phil Ochs, whose protest songs "Draft Dodger Rag," and "," became anthems of the anti-war movement commits suicide.

Lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD or “acid”, famous for its role in the 1960’s counterculture movement, is a colorless, odorless, and slightly bitter tasting drug.
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Arnoni (philosopher, writer, political activist); Edward Keating (publisher, ); Felix Greene (author and film producer); Isadore Zifferstein (psychologist); Stanley Scheinbaum (Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions); Paul Jacobs (journalist and anti-nuclear activist); Hal Draper (Marxist writer and a socialist activist); Levi Laud (Progressive Labor Movement); Si Casady (California Democratic Council); George Clark (British Committee on Nuclear Disarmament); Robert Pickus (Turn Toward Peace); Bob Parris and Bob Moses (Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee); Jack Barnes (National Chair of the Young Socialist Alliance); Mario Savio (Free Speech Movement); Paul Potter (Students for a Democratic Society); and Mike Meyerson (national head of the Du Bois Clubs of America).

May 29, 2014 · After all, there were just three TV networks at the time
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After 1970 and the Kent Statekillings, social movements began to decline and by the fall of Saigon that ended the Vietnam Warin 1975 the most active period was over.

Most major cities didn't have public television stations (PBS was still years away)
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February 26. Nixon’s “Revolution”
June 7. The War in Indochina
September 27. The Commune Movement
December 22. Communal Movements of the Past

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January. Nixon’s New Cabinet
February. A Visit to Japan
March. What Happened to the Movement?
April. Merchandise of Death
May. Return of the Booboisie?
June. Requirements for a Performing Arts Center
July. Destroying Our Architectural Heritage
August. San Francisco’s Smug Corruption
September. Old Chinatown
October. The Redevelopment Wrecking Machine
November. Bohemian San Francisco Between the Wars
December. More on Bohemian San Francisco

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[] September 9, 1980: Daniel Berrigan, his brother Philip, and six others (the "Plowshares Eight") began the Plowshares Movement when they entered the General Electric Nuclear Missile Re-entry Division in King of Prussia, PA where nose cones for the Mark 12A warheads were made.