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(Masteralexis, 2009: 26) In this book, Feinstein clearly depicts a real life story of a few men who saw potential in a somewhat run down golf course, and how they used the aspects of sport management to run a successful U.S.

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In part because of the President’s Management Agenda, which is intended to move the federal government toward integrating business management principles, the area of federal facilities management is in flux. Decades of tradition are being challenged as Federal departments and agencies look for ways to tie all asset allocations directly to mission requirements.

Over the last 10-15 years, facilities management in both the private and public sectors has been evolving from a discipline historically focused on individual buildings to one focused on the total performance of a portfolio of buildings in support of an organization’s overall mission. This evolving discipline is often referred to as facilities asset management, which

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has identified departmental portfolio goals and measures as part of its Capital Asset Management System (see ).

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Not all departments and agencies reported setting actionable goals for facilities asset management. Some departments and agencies are hampered by a lack of organizational goals in establishing the derivative facilities asset management goals. This can be remedied on two fronts: (1) establishing organizational goals at the department or agency level and (2) establishing preliminary or working facilities asset management goals by reference to industry or other standards.

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Once actionable goals are established, they should be periodically revised to respond to changing priorities and conditions as well as actual changes in the strategy of the organization. Ideally, such a review will occur in conjunction with a periodic review and revision of the organization’s strategic plan. The authors believe that performance goals for facilities asset management should be periodically reviewed and revised as appropriate to reflect changing circumstances and organizational priorities.

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The Master of Science degree program in Sport Management offers curriculum to prepare students for professional careers in the sport management industry. Students who successfully complete the program pursue career interests that may range from athletic administration in public and private schools, colleges, and universities, to the private sector, including sport clubs and professional athletics. This program requires an on-site internship of at least seven credit hours and the successful completion of the Sport Management Comprehensive Examination.

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They have the flexibility to design their financial systems to gather the types of data needed to track and evaluate facilities investments, operations, and management. Such data include operating and utility costs.

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The GAO also reports that the government’s worldwide inventory of property, the only central source of descriptive data on the makeup of the real property inventory, does “not contain certain key data—such as data related to space utilization, facility condition, historical condition, historical significance, security, and age—that would be useful for budgeting and strategic management purposes” (GAO, 2003, p. 26).