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An example of a study exploring the relationship between cultural diversity and attitudes toward disability. The authors found that the Mexican Americans in their study were not homogeneous in their attitudes. They caution against cultural stereotyping. Available for purchase or by subscription.

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A collection of essays that document the emergence of the disability rights movement and the empowerment of people with disabilities. The book also includes essays on the stereotypical ways in which disability is viewed in the media.

Yet, his ongoing experiences of discrimination within the
Church as a minister in a white world reminded him that this ideal was elusive.

In his writing, Apess rejects the stereotyping of Indians and he does this by documenting his own accomplishments related to the
activities that white society values.

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In the classroom an effort must be made to integrate boys and girls and not separate them in the seating arrangements. Studies in classroom behavior have shown that boys are far more active in the classroom than girls and they usually have no hesitation in initiating a discussion. Girls on the other hand, are more shy and hesitant. Teachers may have to call on the girls consciously to participate and take leadership roles in classroom discussions. In the organization of group discussions, there must be a mix of the genders rather than segregating them. One interesting group discussion topic can be about domestic chores and how children help their parents in certain tasks. Any hint of gender stereotyping may be replaced. For instance, on a Friday a teacher can give the students a task of doing household chores, the boys should be asked to help with the cooking and the girls with the household accounting or gardening. They should be asked to come back with a written one page report about their experiences. Another way is to show short films on gender identity or stereotyping. Paromita Vohra’s Q2P will talk about the lack of public toilets for women and teachers should raise a discussion on how it is socially unacceptable to see boys and men peeing in public. Girls of course have to be told about the recent move of many city administrators to institute public toilets for women, a concept which was non-existent in the past. Similarly, for SUPW, teachers must shatter gender stereotypes by asking boys to sew and knit and girls to dig mud for planting. Also, sports teachers may need to put equal pressure on girls as well as boys on the sports field.

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The most influential role models are teachers and it is imperative for teachers to give examples of role models that are not gender stereotypes. For example, a girl who expresses an interest in becoming a pilot must be encouraged with stories of those who have been successful. Similarly, if a boy shows inclination toward craft he should not be labeled a sissy either by his teachers or peers. Peer pressure can be both good and bad and it is the teachers who can try to nurture that influence in a positive direction.

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It is crucial to realize that we are not trying to merely reverse stereotypes and further perpetrate patriarchy in another form. Boys are completely forced to be strong and sometimes they are quite happy to be playing and stiching inside the house. Therefore there is a continuum of masculinity and femininity and one cannot expect to change traditional gender stereotypes overnight. However, in the classroom a teacher needs to be there for both boys and girls to evolve as good thinking and feeling individuals.