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Bob and the Lord stood by to observe a baseball game. The Lord's team was playing Satan's team. The Lord's team was at bat, the score was tied zero to zero, and it was the bottom of the 9th inning with two outs. They continued to watch as a batter stepped up to the plate whose name was Love. Love swung at the first pitch and hit a single because Love never fails.

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Anchia, a star catcher at Nova Southeastern University, hit .326 as a sophomore last year, leading the Sharks with 17 homers. One scout of a Major League Baseball team, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Anchia is likely to be selected in the top 10 rounds in the 2018 MLB Draft.

Many of these people have dedicated their lives to producing the finest baseball and softball gloves, so that each glove can be used with confidence and pride.

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From this modest start, SABR membership has broadened steadily. A decade later, it had reached 1,500; today, it totals more than 6,000 worldwide. Who belongs to SABR? Many major and minor league baseball officials, broadcasters and writers, as well as numerous former players. Primarily, the membership consists of "just plain fans" — anyone interested in baseball can join. While the original purpose of SABR was to band together baseball historians, statisticians and researchers, it is not necessary to engage in research to become a member.

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The Society for American Baseball Research had its beginnings in Cooperstown, New York. , who on August 10, 1971, gathered 15 other baseball researchers at the National Baseball Hall of Fame to form the organization.

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The next year, Anchia was NSU’s backup catcher behind Michael Hernandez, a respected veteran. But when Hernandez was sidelined by a broken finger during the NCAA Division II College World Series, Anchia took over and helped lead NSU to the first national baseball title in school history.