Frankenstein is the Real Monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Academia is correct for doing so because Frankenstein can appeal to the interests of students.
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Maybeone of the ?Maybe another Frankenstein Monster, such as

The monster left Peter to returnto Castle Frankenstein, as Kraft pulled himself from the wreckage ofthe castle, swearing revenge.

Victor Frankenstein is the primary cause of his creature's desolation.
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Throughout the whole story of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley implements most, if not all, of the elements of romanticism, whether the elements are portrayed by the monster or by Victor Frankenstein himself....

The creation of life in Frankenstein was Shelley’s symbolic warning to the new industrialized era.
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This could be used to argue against them being one and the same, but a number of potential explanations exist:
1) The Frankenstein Monster issues did take place in the pre-Marvelera, prior to the Marvel: The Lost Generation story.

The classic theme of perversion of family is a major component in Frankenstein.
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the novel are true to the Frankenstein story and which are not

Being in this rather morbid frame of mind, I decided for this commentary just to take a closer examination of life and death as contained within the kind of gothic narrative of this early science-fiction horror story....

Victor Frankenstein’s life story is at the heart of Frankenstein

It didn't help either that I chose to bring my copy of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with me to read on the plane rides there and back, seeing as this story deals with the creation of a new form of life and the deaths that result from it.

of Victor's telling of the Creature's story.

The ambitions of both Walton and Frankenstein (to explore new lands and to cast scientific light on the unknown, respectively) are formed with the noblest of intentions but a fatal disregard for the sanctity of natural boundaries.

Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist of Tim ..

While Mary Shelley (then Mary Godwin) wrote Frankenstein in 1816 she was living or in contact with both Percy Shelley and Lord Byron, the two predominant romantic poets who professed the romantic ideals of the age....

The Terror Trap: Frankenstein: The True Story

Somefilm buffs argue that the film they've seen again and again did nothave this pronouncement, and indeed, Universaladmits that the naming was cut out of many belated releases becausevirtually all who'd seen the movie referred (wrongly) to Boris Karloffas "Frankenstein".

The film brings the story of Adam, Frankenstein's monster, ..

(He went blind dueto his blood type not matching the optic nerves of the monster's, hencethe source of the image of the Frankenstein Monster walking aroundlumbering with his arms extended forward.