Chrysler in Australia - Valiants, Chargers, Pacers, and more

Chrysler in Australia: the Valiants, Chargers, and Pacers from the 1960s through the 1970s.
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The removal of Cherokee Indians from their life long homes in theyear of 1838 found me a young man in the prime of life and a Privatesoldier in the American Army. Being acquainted with many of theIndians and able to fluently speak their language, I was sent asinterpreter into the Smoky Mountain Country in May, 1838, and witnessedthe execution of the most brutal order in the history of AmericanWarfare.

The acquisition of horses from the Spanish in the early 1600s dramatically changed the Ute lifestyle from a small family ..
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Chief John Ross sent Junaluska as an envoy to plead with PresidentJackson for protection for his people, but Jackson's manner wascold and indifferent toward the rugged son of the forest who hadshaved his life. He met Junaluska, heard his plea but curtly said,"Sir, your audience is ended. There is nothing I can do foryou." The doom of the Cherokee was sealed. Washington, D.C.,had decreed that they must be driven West and their lands iven tothe white man, and in May 1838, an army of 4000 regulars, and 3000volunteer soldiers under command of General Winfield Scott, marchedinto the Indian country and wrote the blackest chapter on the pagesof American history.

Before the Europeans arrived on the scene, the eleven Ute bands were broken up into small family units for a large portion of each year.
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Chief Junaluska who had saved President Jackson's life at the battleof Horse Shoe witnessed this scene, the tears gushing down his cheeksand lifting his cap he turned his face toward the heavens and said,"Oh my God, if I had known at the battle of the Horse Shoewhat I know now, American history would have been differently written."

Information about the Ute Indians for students and teachers. Covers food, homes, arts and crafts, weapons, culture, and daily life of the Utes.
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