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ADA Title III Technical Assistance Manual
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The purpose of this technical assistance manual is to present the ADA's title III requirements in a format that will be useful to the widest possible audience. The guidance provided in the Department's regulations and accompanying preambles has been carefully reorganized to provide a focused, systematic description of the ADA's requirements. The manual attempts to avoid an overly legalistic style without sacrificing completeness. In order to promote readability and understanding, the text makes liberal use of questions and answers and illustrations.

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ADAAG permits departures from particular technical requirements by use of other designs and technologies where the alternative designs and technologies will provide substantially equivalent or greater access to and usability of the facility. It may be possible to show that meeting only one of the reach ranges with respect to a particular ATM, as installed, provides equivalent facilitation in compliance with ADAAG.

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If you have experienced technical difficulties and require assistance, please email our online technical support desk at and provide your name, contact information, and a description of the technical difficulty you experienced. A Street Capital representative will contact you within one business day.

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