This is where Oedipus was adopted as the son of the King and Queen.

Oedipus's investigation of the death of King Laius is the reason for the tragic ending.

The protagonist, Oedipus is a heroic mythical king who had it all.

We try to convert the storyof Oedipus from that of a supremely gifted and heroic individual who takes onlife on his own terms and discovers the full mysterious destructiveness of thecosmos into a comforting morality story which tells us that Oedipus suffersbecause he sinned.

The character of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is in all ways the perfect example of a tragic hero.

Sophocles' Oedipus the King has been open to many interpretations.

Finally, I wrote earlier that Oedipus' crime of incest was a curiousone. What seems to me to be so odious about incest is two-fold, neitherof which applies in Oedipus' case. Incest is bad when it occurs with ayoung child who is taken advantage of, but Oedipus was not a child. Second,the idea of sex with one's parent is disgusting for a variety of reasonswhen one thinks of having sex with the parent one grew up with. Many childrendon't want to have anything to do with their parents, as they areinterested in gaining their independence. But Oedipus did not growup with Jocasta. For him to learn she was his mother seems to me wouldhave been greeted more by disbelief and by the idea that maybe incest wasn'tsuch a bad thing then, rather than to have been greeted by him with rageand outrage at her and at himself. Imagine finding out that some moviestar that you idolize and have a great crush on or attraction for is yourbrother or sister separated from you at birth. Girls, suppose you foundout Brad Pitt was your long lost brother; would that make him any lessattractive to you? Or guys, suppose you found out Dolly Parton was reallyyour mom? Would you suddenly find her, or the idea of being with her, disgusting?I don't think so. You might feel a conflict, but the conflict would bebetween your emotions and your ideas; they would not be between the emotionof desire and the feeling of disgust. You would not likely have any feelingsof disgust. And, in reverse, if you suddenly found out that the parentswho raised you and the siblings you fight with every day were not yourbiological relatives, would you be able to become romantically or sexuallyattracted to them now? I don't think so! Even with Oedipus' having thekind of temper he did, it seems to me unlikely that he would have suddenlybeen thrown into a sufficient fit to put out his own eyes over the newsof finding out his wife was really his biological mother. As an old manin , Oedipus has not only forgiven himself forhis incest, but seems to be angry with Jocasta mostly for having triedto have him killed, and for abandoning him as a child, not for marryinghim and "causing" him thus to be committing incest.

Dramatic irony is also use by Sophocles to make the audience feel their taken part of the play knowing the fate of the main character, making the audience wait in suspense wanting to know how Oedipus would react to his fate....

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With that as an introduction, let me suggest, without going into toomuch detail, or too many specifics, some things I see the Thebantrilogy as being about. is a play that shows that evenwhen well-meaning people do what seems reasonable and right, and is well-intentioned,still disastrous results can occur which people cannot see, and will steadfastlyand honestly deny, is their fault. When Oedipus is an infant, his fatherand mother learn he is a threat to them, so they send off to have him killed,but the servant they delegate the task to does not think it is right andgives the baby Oedipus to a shepherd from a far away land who takes thebaby there and finds it a good home with a king and queen who raise himas their own. When he grows up and finds out he is a threat to his motherand father, he leaves who he believes are his parents in order to preventhis performing the heinous deeds predicted of him. When he meets Laius,his biological father, on the road, he kills him in what he considers self-defense,though his own hot-headedness probably contributes strongly to his seeingthis as a case of justifiable self-defense. He then saves Thebes from theSphinx and is dutifully rewarded with the hand in marriage of the recentlywidowed queen, with whom he conceives four children, who happen to alsobe his brothers and sisters, and his wife's grandchildren. Each of theabove actions lead to, and actually make possible, the terrible fate thatbefalls Oedipus. Without any one of them, his fate might have been verydifferent.

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One day Oedipus finds out that there is a prophecy that depicts him killing his father and marrying his mother. The prophecy may have been proven untrue if he wouldn't have put himself on such a high pedestal. It all started one day when he met up with King Laius: Sea...

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“Oedipus The King” is the tragic story of a man of a noble structure but is triggered by great tragedies and realities of him-self that shatter his existence.