Shakespeare Critical Essay 1 | Romeo and Juliet

The play Romeo and Juliet was one of the most famous love tragedies ever written.
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There was a period of two or perhaps three years during the early 1590s when Shakespeare made the extraordinary artistic leap from writing plays like the flawed and bloody Titus Andronicus to creating his romantic masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, probably first performed in 1594 or 1595.

One proponent of this view cites evidence of an early frustrated romance that could have inspired the Earl to write Romeo and Juliet.
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Shakespeare Critical Essay 3 | Romeo and Juliet

To add, Romeo tries to tell Tybalt that he has a reason for them to love one another, but he could not have done that without telling him that Juliet was his bride: I do protest I never injured thee, But love thee better than thou canst devise, Till thou shalt know the reason of my love; And so, good Capulet, which name I tender As dearly as mine own, be satisfied.

“Romeo and Juliet” was an example of this as many sonnets are used in it so as to display their love.
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“The deliberate construction of the play so that its action seems to lead inevitably to the catastrophe of the young lovers' deaths is known as Shakespeare's "tragic design." (Overview of Romeo and Juliet) William Shakespeare wants the audience to realize that Romeo and Juliet are destined to cross paths, hence the title of “star-crossed lovers”.

What is love? Does love at first sight really exist, or is this a figment of the imagination, a story we tell children just to keep their hopes of true love alive and well. For Shakespeare, love seemed to be obsolete until his play Romeo and Juliet became one of the most well-known Shakespearean plays…
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