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"I gave 5 stars to acknowledge what . When I think of him, I am moved to tears--not because of a fawning cult figure adoration. Like myself, I am aware of his many human flaws and failures. I am moved to tears because when I remember , I remember who I am."

I remember how I hated my mother and father and had little contact with them for 12 years. After doing the est Training & The 6-Day Course, I began getting to know them for the first time. As a result, my father ended up being the "best man" at my wedding 25 years ago. How do you thank a person for something like that?
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Jakes sense of honor and justice is about tobe challenged by the experience drug enforcement officer who has developedhis own sense of honor and justice in “Training Day.”

Alonzo establishes his authority as the big dog right from the startwhen he phones Jake in the wee hours of the rookie’s test day, orderingthe younger man to meet him at a certain diner and hanging up as Hoyt beginsto thank him for his chance to make detective.

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Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke, "Snow Falling on Cedars") has one day to proveto new senior partner Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) that he has whatit takes to be a NARC in his quest to advance to police detective. In 24 hours, Jake will experience the ultimate corruption of a cop who'slost his soul to the environment he originally served and protected in"Training Day."Director Antoine Fuqua ("The Replacement Killers") takes to the streetsof South Central, Watts, Inglewood, and the Imperial Courts housing projectto give his film authenticity, but screenwriter David Ayer ("The Fast andthe Furious") trots out too much evil to believably comprehend within hisdawn to dead-of-night structure. Given that limitation, Denzel Washingtongives a performance that glints like steel while Ethan Hawke meets himhead-on.