coffee is a great way to turn your cup of coffee into a true power ..

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Strolling down the aisle at any grocery store, you’re likely to be bombarded by signs proclaiming their products to be “all organic.” While most understand the importance of consuming organic ingredients, the price tag often distracts from the true health benefits. When it comes to your daily cup of coffee, is drinking organic coffee really worth the price?

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As mentioned earlier, when coffee is pre-ground and left in its bag, oxygen begins to infiltrate the coffee grinds, which results in a process known as oxidation. Whether you know it or not, you’ve seen the power oxygen has when it comes to sensitive food items. Have you ever left apple slices out in the open for too long, or how about avocado slices? The reason the meat of these fruits turns a brown color is because of the effect oxygen has to degenerate its compounds.

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Renewed interest in Hawaiian culture and history has brought some of these records back into life. Yet a more powerful record than these fragmented lines remains. The Hawaiian land itself, the aina, which nourished the ancestors in its soil and stone, which washed away rivalry into the salty oceans, whispers of the true roots of the Hawaiian people. Its what makes the islands special and what makes people proud to live here. In the land the unwritten words of the oli breathe power even today.

Learn about coffee grinders and how to grind coffee beans.
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