The True Story of Blackhawk Down

It did, however, tell the story of the battle well and, overall, I enjoyed the movie.
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I think not, although based on true events, this film was simply a big old war movie, in the same mould as those Hollywood used to churn out it the 50s and 60s.

The criticisms of "Black Hawk Down" voiced on this page are all valid and intelligent.
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Yes, it's a Hollywood movie, it's very entertaining and to becommercially viable in the States it has to show the Delta Forcein a good light but what people forget is Hollywood has a monopolyon story telling using moving images, peoples' perceptions on historical events are forever shaped by these images and stories.

Anyone who wishes to know the true story must read Bowden's book and other sources.
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But in simply showing how terrible the violence was, in showing how absolutely wrong a "peace-keeping" mission can go, Black Hawk Down forces the viewer to think about the most critical issue of all: the horror we are subjecting young men to when we send them off to war, no matter what the reason.

"Black Hawk Down" must rank as one of the best combat movies I have ever seen.
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The True Story of Black Hawk Down is a reminder of the bravery and ..

Task Force Consisted of 18 helicopters, 12 vehicles , and 160 men.
The True Story Of Black Hawk Down
Gives clear and concise facts about the events of The Battle of Mogadishu, using interview from both sides of the conflict.
Interviews from both US soldiers
and Somali Militants in the
documentary helps eliminate any bias

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We see in films like U571,Behind Enemy Lines and Black Hawk Down, a rejection of history in favour of the sweetly saccharine 'stars 'n stripes' mentality.

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Much of the criticism directed at the film in this forum is absurd; Black Hawk Down is an unusually faithful film treatment of a book, and attacking the film for not showing enough of Somali culture is missing the point - the book was not a National Geographic report on the scenery and cultural traditions of the Horn of Africa, but a dissection of a US military operation and the reasons behind its failure.