The War Against Terrorism: A Question of Willpower

At least two approaches to the war against war may be distinguished, ..
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Thank you. Having completed some Landmark courses, my concerns would be similar. I purchased Get The Edge/Personal Power years ago I found it inspiring but not so easy to put in practice. I believe Landmark to disconcertingly (dangerously) confrontational. Your practice of discussions with friends and a group(s) may be the way forward. I had been looking for a way to share with my much younger family members so they can design their lives more than I did. Unfortunately, I don't believe giving them materials and suggested processes is going to have a real impact.

The War Against Piracy was an act attempted and carried out by Lord Cutler Beckett ..
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habor helped push the united states to declare war against ..

I've been to two Robbin's events. I've seen people walk out of both. But almost all stay. I like Noah's honesty in the article. It's an authentic review, which makes it great. EJ, however, your review is a cynical opinion based on zero actual knowledge. I was inspired by Unleash the Power Within event. It was the first of his I attended after reading and listening to his material for several years. The impact of the live seminar is 10x. You simply have to accept that it's not going to be perfect for you but if you can get 3 great things from it, it can be well worth it. Personally, I doubled my income in the year after that event, and the following year went up 50% again, and my starting point was already very high, which made the cost of attending seem free. It isn't one size fits all, but if you stay through the end you will be better off for doing it. I also attended business mastery which is $10k and in my opinion paid for itself within the first 5 hours of a 40+ hour event. The events have enough outstanding information that it simply comes down to what you decide to do with it. The walking on hot coals was an insanely great experience. If you skip that, you should skip the whole event. Generally, people wouldn't keep going to the events and recommending if they weren't outstanding. But, they are not for everyone. Thanks for the honest review Noah.

Warriors are a very powerful class, with the ability to tank or deal significant melee damage
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Thank you for confirming this article and other people's comments.
It seems that "he showed up 2 hours late" is a common and telling thread.
And the "too much dancing and hugging, rah rah pep-talk, with hardly any information
is a common thread also.
And then there is the disgusting "if you have any bad circumstances, it's all your own fault"
so-called "philosophy" that belittles so many people in the world, including those born
in war-torn countries and other terrible circumstances...
So..... it is the little children's fault in Sierra Leone that they are watching their parents get murdered and having their little arms cut off?
I guess they weren't "thinking enough positive thoughts".....
One of the problems with the Law of Attraction teaching is that it let's anyone born in good circumstances think "yeah, see? I'm thinking the right thoughts"...
and to hell with anyone with problems, it's probably "their own fault".
That thinking destroys Altruism, and fosters Me Me Me attitudes.

It makes a very convincing case that the Saudi Government was involved in an act of war against the United States
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This is why it is a war of attrition, and a war of will-power

Jesse, you got it backwards. Gene's correct: he's not saying that anyone pays $10,000. His equation is 10,000 people pay $2,000, which does indeed equate to $20 Million for each seminar, of which TR only attends two days. Even after his alimony payments, rental costs, employee salaries (minimum wage, I kid you not) and CHEAP crap snacks, still probably allows him to pocket $19 Million for good ol' Tony, before taxes of course, but c'mon, he's probably sheltering most of it in off-shore accounts. While I support capitalism, it's con artists like this that bring out the tiniest socialist in me. Quick—think of Venezuela and Brazil!! Phew! That was a close one!! The feeling has passed. I'm back to capitalism again.


Thank you. I can totally relate to what you have experienced.
In Canada, we have other big names that can draw big crowds to their events. I have watched many TR videos and found him very inspiring. I still have a great respect for the human being he is and the business he has created. I'm at a point where I like to experience deeper conscience oriented workshops. As a professional coach, It took me some time to find a combination of tools that I felt were providing deeper inner work to the people attending our events. My wife are now doing our own workshops. We talk in front of the group for 10 to 20 Minutes and we then break in smaller groups of 4 or 6 people and we facilitate an interactive game call Points of You™. I find it more fun and more powerful. Half a day or one day and group dinner. The TR of this world do a great job at teaching people that they can change their reality if they commit to it. But it takes something that goes deeper with more focus to make it happen. The more groups of 10,000 people the better. As they will eventually become great prospects for you and for us.
Thanks again
Jean-Luc Marcil
Professional coach and facilitator
Co-founder of Ho'oWow!® Workshops
Quebec, Canada ??