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For I suspect that many will not be satisfied with the simpler way of life.

Will Smith should be remembered for the way he lived …

Let us remember that Hinduism does not prescribe anyway of life, but a way of life which is in harmony with the eternal law of God (Dharma) as prescribed in the religious texts, especially the Vedas and the other sacred literature. It means that one must be conversant with the sacred texts and the essential practice of Hinduism to practice it as a way of life, rather than a mere collection of rituals and spiritual techniques. It is also necessary to have a clear idea of what constitutes superstition and obscurantism, in order to make the way of life free from evil, delusion and negative karmic consequences. In this regard one should never undermine the importance of reading the sacred texts as an exercise in futility. Ignoring them would amount to leading a way of life like a blind man groping in the darkness and accepting it as the universal reality.

Will Smith should be remembered for the way he lived ..

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Therefore, however superfluous they may appear to the Christianized Hindus, thanks to the numerous, subtle and gross influences, the truth is the rituals of Hinduism prepare us mentally to be part of something greater than us and remain engaged with it. They divert the attention of the otherwise busy individuals from mundane activities and make them god-centered or spirit-centered. It does not mean that we should follow the rituals blindly. Hindus have the freedom to choose their rituals according to their interests and inclinations and their goals (Purusharthas) in life.

The teachings of the Buddha have been a way of life for millions of people in the East for over two and a half thousand ..

The Pharisees of Jesus’ day rejected Christ because He told them this very truth, that all their righteous deeds were worthless and that only faith in their Messiah would save them.

In Romans 1, Paul says that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the power that saves us, the gospel being the good news that all who believe in Him will have eternal life.

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To continue to be alive: lived through a bad accident

Rituals can be performed physically or as mentally or in both ways. You do not have to ritually sacrifice animals or offer their blood to propitiate gods. Instead of killing real animals, you can sacrifice the animal tendencies that are present in you to propitiate your inner deities. The Vedas themselves suggest both the approaches and emphasize their importance in the ritual of life. They suggest that mental worship is far superior to physical worship.


One can always use discretion in choosing which duties and rituals are necessary for one's material and spiritual Wellbeing. One can formulate a way of life that is in harmony with one's inner being, and values enshrined in the scriptures. One may even formulate one's own rituals, as long as they incorporate the original meaning and serve the same purpose for which they are meant, and discard those that may offend one's own sense of justice. However, it does not mean that the scriptures give a free passage to those who would discard all rituals summarily, and choose a way of life that is similar to that of an atheist or agnostic.

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A ritual or a sacrifice is a method or a way. When we say that Hinduism is a way of life, we are actually saying that one shall live upon earth as if it is a sacred ritual. The whole process of living is a great ritual, in which each individual offers himself as a sacrificial offering to the divine Self within him to reach the highest state of self-realization. In truth, spiritualism is also a kind of ritualism only, in which the spirit follows a certain prescribed path and returns to its original state. In spiritual liberation, the Self does not change into anything. It just regains its lost consciousness and remembers what it has always been eternally. It is why it is also called self-realization (atma-jnan). The emphasis on rituals in the Vedas is to remind us that we are expected to lead our lives according to a way or a method that would ensure our salvation, and that method is verily the method followed by Brahman Himself, for whom the whole creation is a sacrifice in which He participates as the sacrificer, the sacrificed, the object of sacrifice and the sacrificial host (yajamana).

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When we begin the Christian life by coming to Christ for forgiveness of sin, we understand that what we seek cannot be obtained by any other means than by faith.