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Josie attends St Martha’s College for girls on a scholarship she has been able to win due to her advance academic ability and looks forward to becoming the first Alibrandi woman who can control her future.

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These books will help put Looking for Alibrandi in context. First of course are Melina Marchetta’s other wonderful related works:

Looking for Alibrandi is as much a film about women as it is about Italo-Australian life
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But in Looking for Alibrandi, we found a heroine who lived in the suburbs with her single mother and her meddling grandmother, who went to school, obsessed about boys and worked at McDonalds. Finally, this was the voice of a teenage Australian girl. This is why the book is iconic – here is a protagonist who does not conform to ethnic stereotypes of demure oppression or unbridled Italian emoting. There are no wailing victims of patriarchy, no big familial feasts featuring big bowls of pasta. No charges of chauvinism or cringing self-indulgent woe-is-me stories of being teased for school lunchbox pastrami sandwiches.

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In the film “Looking for Alibrandi” two presentation techniques involving the soundtrack that were effectively were voiceovers and background music.
The film starts at Tomato Day, which is the Italian’s yearly festival.

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"Looking for Alibrandi" reflects similar social issues to “The relative advantages of relearning my language”, an essay written by Amy Choi.

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Used: Juxtaposition is used in “Looking for Alibrandi” when Josie starts her first day back at school, she says “I’m going to be a saint this year” which is juxtaposed by the next scene showing Josie helping a friend cheat in a test followed by her getting into trouble.

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Definition: An arrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where a play or movie is enacted.

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Growing up with an ethnic background is a growing trend in multicultural Australia but one that is less common in rural towns so we don't see it as much, the extra social pressure that comes with having a foreign background has been demonstrated through the Alibrandi women.

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Looking for Alibrandi, I realised as a young adult, was not a ‘try-hard’ book about identity and belonging. It is the real deal and it is still extraordinary, twenty years after first publication. Melina Marchetta understood teenagers. She knew they were more stoic than popular culture and Dolly magazine gave them credit. She wrote about a strong young woman’s epiphanies in the span of a year: her burgeoning awareness of class identity, her integrity in deciding whether and when she wanted to give herself away, her centred sense of self in relation to the men in her life, her loyalty to her friends, and her reaction towards death. These are deep philosophical musings on life, and they take place in the most ordinary of settings: a school locker room, a grandmother’s sitting room, a car park, a street cafe. They take place in spaces all young adults inhabit. It is a book that, in the tradition of J.D. Salinger and Vera Brittain, speaks about the vicissitudes of moody teenagers: