11.3% of the world’s population is hungry

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The study now published intends to give a further contribution to thecommitment of Christians, that of sharing in the needs of all. The themes dealtwith are very much of the present day, not only in describing the presentsituation in the world as far as hunger is concerned, but also the ethicalimplications of this problem which concerns all who are of good will. Thispublication is also important in view of the Great Jubilee of 2000, which theChurch is preparing to celebrate. The spirit of this document is not based onany particular ideology; it is lead by the logic of the Gospel and extends aninvitation to follow Jesus Christ in daily living.


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28. Lasting peace is not the result of a balance of forces, but of a balanceof rights. Peace is not the fruit of the victory of the strongest over theweakest, but fruit of the victory of justice over unjust privileges, of freedomover tyranny, of truth over falsehood within and among peoples(43), ofdevelopment over hunger, poverty or humiliation. In order to establish truepeace and real international security, it is not sufficient to prevent war andconflict. Development must also be fostered, creating the right conditions tofully guarantee fundamental human rights(44). In this context, democracy anddisarmament become two of the requirements of peace, which is indispensable forall genuine development.

(76) Unit IV of the World Council of Churches in Geneva is of greatimportance here, as is the worldwide work of the Red Cross.

19. Despite the enormous errors mentioned above, it should not be forgottenthat no less spectacular progress has been responsible for increasing the worldpopulation from 3 to 5.3 billion over 30 years (1960-1990)(29). In thedeveloping countries, "... life expectancy at birth [has risen] from 46years in 1960 to 62 years in 1987. They halved the mortality rates for childrenunder five and immunised two-thirds of all one-year-olds against major childhooddiseases... The per capita average calorie supply increased by 20 per centbetween 1965 and 1985"(30).

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Promotion of family vegetable gardens, particularly in regions where povertydeprives the people, particularly heads of families and their loved ones, fromgaining access to land-use and from staple foods. This is similar to what PopeLeo XIII demanded for workers in the 19th century, and for the same reasons: "Menlearn to love the very soil that yields in response to the labour of theirhands, not only food to eat, but an abundance of good things for themselves andthose that are dear to them(88)." In most parts of the world, schemes mustbe designed and implemented to make available to the poorest people some cornerof the earth, and the necessary knowledge and minimum of tools, which willenable them to make great progress and break out of their state of gravedistress.

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The Church is not responsible for proposing technical solutions in thisregard, but she does wish to seize on this occasion of preparing for the GreatJubilee to launch a wide-ranging appeal for suggestions and proposals, for theJubilee Year, which may hasten the eradication of hunger and malnutrition.

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All men and women of goodwill can perceive the ethical issues that are atstake and are linked to the future of the world economy: combating hunger andmalnutrition, contributing to food security and the endogenous agriculturaldevelopment of the developing countries; developing these countries' exportpotential, and preserving the natural resources of planet-wide relevance. TheChurch's social teaching views all these as constituent components of theuniversal common good which must be identified and fostered by the developedcountries. These components must also stand as the essential objective ofinternational economic organisations and as the challenge facing theglobalisation of trade. This universal common good, once it has been recognised,should be the inspiration for strengthening the legal, institutional andpolitical framework governing international trade and new proposals for theJubilee Year. This will demand courage on the part of the leaders of social,governmental and trade union institutions, since it is today so difficult to setthe interests of each individual within a consistent vision of the common good.

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But it is in the 42 Least Developed Countries (LDCs)—of which 28 are inAfrica alone—that hunger is most severe(15). "About 700 million peoplein developing countries—20% of their population—still do not haveaccess to enough food to meet their basic daily needs for nutritional well-being"(16).