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The theme of jealousy is demonstrated in the play by Iago and Othello....

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Bradley, in his book of literary criticism, Shakespearean Tragedy, describes the dominant motivating passion in Othello: In the second place, there is no subject more exciting than sexual jealousy rising to the pitch of passion; and there can hardly be any spectacle at once so engrossing and so painful as that of a great nature suffering the torment of this passion, and driven...

Jealousy is the driving force behind Othello’s accusations towards Desdemona.

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Although there are many examples of these opinions within the play, I believe there is much more evidence which contradict these two statements, which allow me to conclude that Othello is in fact a jealous man and that Iago does have motives.

Roderigo shows a destructive influence of jealousy in the play "Othello".

is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's . Tim Blake Nelson says it himself in the director's commentary: there's no better place to retell the story of than in a modern high school. As teachers we know that jealousy, love interests, hate, anger, secrets, and even violence can be everyday affairs in our high schools. Nelson brings this story to the basketball court of a private school where Odin is one of the only minorities and dating a school official's daughter. The film is rated R, but I don't see a problem with showing it, even to 9th graders. I will show it to tenth grade students with the deletion of one scene. There is one pretty racy sex scene, but it isn't necessary for the plot, therefore students don't need to see it. This scene is easy to skip using a DVD, but I am going to edit it out of a copy I have using a program on the computer. Other than the one sex scene, which doesn't show any nudity by the way, drugs and profanity are part of the story. I personally don't find the amount of drug use in this film to be offensive or inappropriate for high school students. The drugs aren't glorified and become part of Odin's destruction. The profanity isn't excessive either and I don't think it goes too far for high school students. On the other hand, to make things clear to parents, I always send a letter home about R rated films. The letter explains the nature of the film, why we plan to view it, and an alternative for students who aren't permitted to do so. I have never met with any resistance, but I want to make sure that I do the responsible thing in notifying parents when content is controversial.

When she does so in an innocent attempt to be helpful, she arouses Othello’s jealousy.

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On the other, it is his alleged (but nonexistent) love affair with Desdemona that arouses Othello's jealousy.
: Ruler who finds in favor of Othello when Desdemona's father attacks Othello's character, saying the black Moor is unworthy of his daughter.
: Venetian senator and father of Desdemona.

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Iago is the antagonist, or opponent of the main character.
: Daughter of Brabantio, wife of Othello, and victim of Iago's machinations and Othello's jealousy.

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Roderigo also hates 'The Moor' but for a different reason; Othello stole the heart of the girl he loves.
What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is sometimes called the "green-eyed monster", Shakespeare even refers to it as that in Act 3, Scene 3 of the play.

The theme of Cruelty and Jealousy in Shakespeare’s ..

In Act II of Othello the characters all travel to Cyprus, this is when the plot thickens and Iago begins to destroy relationships between the characters (1204).

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Once students have had time to discuss8 the questions for , we're going to move to a short story entitled "Hecatommithi."9 This story about a Venetian Moor is said to be the basis for Shakespeare's play, . The story line is almost identical and is dated pre-Shakespeare. I will personally read the entire story out loud, and I do this because I find it most effective. I had the privilege to attend a reading cadre directed by Doctor Kylene Beers.10 She explains that reading aloud to students is often times more effective in teaching struggling readers how to become better readers than having them read on their own. She promotes reading aloud as a strategy that won't disturb the class when a struggling reader volunteers to read. She explains that when a good reader, the teacher, reads aloud, students get a better sense of voice, punctuation, pronunciation, vocabulary, and diction. When students read silently, in groups, and aloud to each other (not to say this is inappropriate or shouldn't ever be used) they often times struggle and become frustrated.

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They call it this because jealousy can make you feel like there's a monster inside you that you can't control.
Typical self-protective responses are withdrawal, avoidance, or expressing anger at yourself or others
Low self esteem and lack of confidence attribute to feelings of jealousy.
Throughout Othello, jealousy affects each of the characters differently.
The Theme of Jealousy in Shakespeare's Othello
Iago's hatred for Othello goes further than just a stolen promotion
He reveals in a soliloquoy at the end of Act 1 that he believes his wife had an affair with Othello and Cassio as well.