The play Othello, evolves around the theme of jealousy.

Dominating the antagonist is another type of jealousy toward Cassio, and hatred toward the general.
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Jealous Othello strikes and berates her.

In the first scene Iago reassures Roderigo that Desdemona will grow tired of Othello, however Iago also tells Roderigo that Desdemona will choose Casillo over him....

Let us look closely at the concept of jealousy as it is revealed in this drama.
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He is jealous of Othello for many reasons.

For example, after referring to Othello in Act 1 as a black ram, he tells Michael Cassio in the second scene of Act 2, “Come, lieutenant, I have a stoup of wine, and here without are a brace of Cyprus gallants that would fain have a measure to the health of black Othello” (25).

Also, it is Iago's jealousy of Othello that drives him to destroy both Othello and Desdemona.
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Iago confesses to Roderigo his state of jealousy and desire to destroy Othello, “One Michael Cassio, a Florentine… unless the bookish theoric, wherein the toged consuls can propose as masterly as he: mere prattle, without practise, Is all his soldiership.

The theme of jealousy is demonstrated in the play by Iago and Othello....
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What others think of you is not necessarily always truthful.

In Act II of Othello the characters all travel to Cyprus, this is when the plot thickens and Iago begins to destroy relationships between the characters (1204).

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Iago is the antagonist, or opponent of the main character.
: Daughter of Brabantio, wife of Othello, and victim of Iago's machinations and Othello's jealousy.

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On the other, it is his alleged (but nonexistent) love affair with Desdemona that arouses Othello's jealousy.
: Ruler who finds in favor of Othello when Desdemona's father attacks Othello's character, saying the black Moor is unworthy of his daughter.
: Venetian senator and father of Desdemona.

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In his untimely play Othello, William Shakespeare uses the theme of jealousy to demonstrate the downfall of the play through the two major characters of Iago and Othello.

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Driven by an overpowering lust for evil rivaled only by Satan, Iago becomes titled as the worst Shakespeare villain through his motive to destroy both Othello and Cassio due to his jealousy (Mabillard, 2014).

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Iago’s reasons as to why he would offer to break up Othello and Desdemona’s marriage include that he is outraged that Othello promoted Casillo instead of him and that he has suspicions that Othello slept with his wife, Emilia (1203).

In 1603, William Shakespeare wrote Othello, The Moor of Venice

But he, sir, had the election: and I, of whom his eyes had seen the proof at Rhodes, at Cyprus and on other grounds christian and heathen, must be be-lee'd and calm'd by debitor and creditor: this counter-caster, he, in good time, must his lieutenant be” (1.1.20-34).