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On the face of it, there is noreason to think it is implausable, and it is entirely testable.
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Well….there is no need to fight for a battle that is already over

I was told about a year age that I had a Fatty Liver by my Doctor, I thought nothing of it thinking all well.
I kick myself in the you know what for not researching this condition and I wish my Doctor would have told me the seriousness of this condition. With that said I also have the pain in my right side with severe right lower back pain. Is this normal? I have had test done for Kidney stones and nothing. I have a CT scan with contras Friday to make sure nothing else is going on there.

There are always tumorblood vessels, and usually surrounding normal tissue.
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Sometimes people love themselves, sometimes they don’t

My S.O. was divorced eight years ago, and he and his ex-wife are friends. So-called friends. In the three years we’ve been together, I have never once met this woman. When I found out that he asked her to pick him up from the airport — I was at work when his plane landed — I was livid. 1. This is something that I was gladly willing to take time off work to do for him; 2. Come on, like there aren’t any taxis readily available at a major airport?; and 3. I doubt that most of his male friends would take off work to do this, nor would it have been appropriate to ask them; this is the type of favor that one expressly asks of a S.O. or spouse!

Unlike divorce, and to a lesser extent, separation, there is often no record of an "intact" family being dysfunctional. As a result, friends, relatives, and teachers of such children may be completely unaware of the situation.
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KNOX, Timothy W. 1870 Overland through Asia: Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar life. Hartford CT: American Publishing Company. (North Chinese family, p. 205)

About Argentina Family. There is no typical Argentinian family. Family life differs according to many factors, such as region, ethnic background and income.
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I’m a little confused. I am dating a a man who has been divorced for 5 years. He has custody of the children ages 13 17 and 22 at home. His ex left the children with him a year ago to peruse a relationship out of state. The relationship between the exes was rough. She returned after the relationship failed. Well they slept together in July. Both had just came out of breakups. I started dating him in august. We are exclusive. My problem is now their relationship has changed. He had her and his parents and her parents over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She took the kids on a ski vacation over break and envited him. He didn’t go he had to work. She texted him having a good time you should come next time. Well now he has posted video on fb of their dream home when they moved in it from 2000. I feel they are recreating happy times and not being honest with themselves and I’m the other woman. She knows about me. am I being overly cautious, paranoid or rational. I am divorced with teens also, but do not play happy holiday family with the ex.

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Im so confused right now on what to…Started dating my boyfriend at the first of August about a month before his divorce was to be final. We have a history-dated in high school-and reconnected on facebook after his wife filed for divorce. He moved in with me after the divorce was final and the ex wife decided she wanted him back and started putting pressure. When we first started dating he said it was completely over with them but after she started putting pressure he admitted that he had unresolved feelings for her. He packed up and left about a month ago, saying he was confused and knew he wasnt giving me 100% and needed time to figure things out. Well of course he went straight back to her. He started texting me the same night he left telling me he’d come right back home if i’d ask him too. But I didnt. I told him he needed to figure out his feelings and leave me alone until he did. I ignored his calls and texts for a couple days until I finally broke down and spoke to him. He asked to come and I told him he could only if he was prepared to completely break ties with her. They have no children together but theres step children involved, 12 and 21. He came back home for two weeks and things were better than ever, until the first fight, I caught him on the phone and told him if he was talking to her he could leave and he did. Went back to her again-has been there the past week over Thanksgiving. Of course hes asking to come again (now that the holidays are over) and I told him he could but this was his last chance-if he left again Id never speak to him again. He said he knew what he wanted and it was me-probably telling her the same thing tho. Am I doing the right thing by letting him come back so soon? Should I make him wait? He seems very determined to come back but whos to say he wont leave again? He tries to turn it around on me because I told him to leave but thats because he was still communicating with her.

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I just broke up with my separated man two weeks ago and am wondering if I made a huge mistake . We dated almost five years. He is my best friend and I fell in love with him over and over again, which is why I stayed for so long. All of the problems we have stem from his not filing for divorce. He has a son, which I have not met. It was my idea to keep our lives separate until he filed. So he has not met my family, I have not met his. I have also not been to his home as his wife drops by as she pleases. We have discussed marriage and starting our own family when the time is right. We agreed to cease being sexually active because he failed to file at an agreed deadline. He has not tried to pressure me even though its been a year and a half. He says he wants only me, I have no reason to think he is lying. He still has not filed due to financial issues, he was laid off three times while we were together. I love this man very much and want things to work out but am tired of waiting. I dont expect his divorce to go smoothly as his wife is quite volitale. She has harrased me and threatened to try have me arrested for adultery in the past (she only does this when she is angry with him). She has never given any indicat they are really together or that she wants him back. (She moved out 2 years before I met him and later had another mans baby.) He has never been anything but kind and loving toward me and says he just needs to get the money together. We broke up because I feel like things will never change. My mind tells me I am being foolish but my heart says to be patient. I want him and think we could make it work. Should I try to get back together with him?