her unfinished novel was published as Yonnondio: From the Thirties

Olsen, Tillie, Pratt, Linda Ray, Olsen, Tillie SUMMARY "The story of the Holbrook family as ..
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of Yonnondio, , (May 23, 1974),38-39; Sally Cunneen, "Tillie Olsen: Storyteller of Working America," , (May 21, 1980), 570-73; Erika Duncan, "Coming ofAge in the Thirties: A Portrait of Tillie Olsen," , 4,2 (1982), 207-22; Deborah Rosenfelt, "From the Thirties: Tillie Olsenand the Radical Tradition," , 7 (Fall 1981), 371-406.

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While by no means exhaustive, this discussion demonstratessome of the ways in which heteroglossia and polyphony contribute to Yonnondio'sverbal-ideological texture. Through the use of literary and oralnarrator voices; embedded discourse of dramatized characters and undramatizedvoices; parody and distortion of alien ideology; implication of diversesocio-linguistic communities; reported speech, appropriated words, dialects,speech styles, popular media, and folk genres; Olsen weaves a compositionas rich and as delicate as a fugue. In orchestrating the diversevoices of the 1930s American Depression, she gives to these voices a senseof unity and harmony: "The separate voices [chord] into one greatfull one, their faces into beauty."
While an awareness of levels of character speechand undramatized voices embedded within them can result in a variety ofstaging possibilities, the most obvious contribution of Bakhtin's theoryat this level (though applicable to all levels) lies in its potential forcharacter analysis and development.

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In this essay, I shall apply Bakhtin's dialogictheory in an examination of Tillie Olsen's novel, [5] Olsen's novel invites a dialogic reading on threelevels. First, as a Marxist rejoinder in a 1930s political dialogue,Yonnondio demonstrates Bakhtin's perceptions of language and literatureas dynamic, ideology infused processes.

dialogic theory in an examination of Tillie Olsen's novel, Yonnondio: ..
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