The Prosperous Province: Strategies for Building Community Wealth

. Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015, S.O. 2015, c. 15, s. 3(13).
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Marcello, D. 2011. “CBA Overview: What they are and what they aren’t.” Presented at a symposium of the Public Law Centre, Win-Win-Win: The Advantages of CBAs for the Community, Developers, Government and You!. Accessed at .

The  promotes social and economic justice by investing in people who are making Ontario more equitable, inclusive and prosperous.
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While it’s true that such innovations as Roman concrete were lost, and the literacy rate was not as high in the Early as in , the idea of the so-called “Dark Ages” came from scholars like Petrarch, who viewed and Rome as the pinnacle of human achievement. Accordingly, they dismissed the era that followed as a dark and chaotic time in which no great leaders emerged, no scientific accomplishments were made and no great art was produced.

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Before the Early Middle Ages, Europe’s agricultural prosperity was largely limited to the south, where sandy, dry and loose soil was well suited to the earliest functioning plough, known as the scratch plough. But the invention of the heavy plough, which could turn over the much more fertile clay soil deep in the earth, would galvanize the agriculture of northern Europe by the 10th century. Another key innovation of the period was the horse collar, which was placed around a horse’s neck and shoulders to distribute weight and protect the animal when pulling a wagon or plough. Horses proved to be much more powerful and effective than oxen, and the horse collar would revolutionize both agriculture and transportation. The use of metal horseshoes had become common practice by 1000 A.D. as well.

has dropped out of the Legatum Prosperity Index's top ten for the first time to 12th position
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It is timely research because Metrolinx and the Toronto Community Benefits Network have signed a Community Benefits Framework derived from the community benefits agreement model. The framework is a first for Ontario and is bolstered by significant signs of support for this strategy in provincial government policy, starting with the 2014 budget’s infrastructure pledges and more recently the inclusion of community benefits in the passage of Bill 6: Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act.

For much of human history, all of the world was very poor

Community wealth building strategies differ from traditional approaches to poverty reduction by putting a focus on the community in market activities like institutional purchasing or infrastructure construction. They include building community assets, increasing the local capacity for business incubation, and creating decent work as a means to sharing prosperity more broadly and equitably.

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Other CBAs have not been as successful. The first reason is that development projects – particularly private real-estate developments – are sensitive to overall economic conditions. Several CBAs have been negotiated and canceled later by project bankruptcy. The second reason is that CBA-backed projects became tied up in court battles when some groups concluded they were inappropriately excluded from the negotiating coalition and not adequately represented by the agreement.

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Strategies for improving development outcomes are gaining currency in Ontario at a time when both nonprofits and government agencies are under considerable pressure to increase value for money spent. Partnership and collaboration are watchwords. Getting organized to better distribute the benefits of land development is a natural albeit challenging prospect.

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At the same time, many Ontarians may not share in the prosperity generated by these investments. Income inequality is increasing in the province as it is elsewhere in the Western world. In many larger cities like Toronto, this inequality among individuals is often marked by a growing gap between high- and low-income neighbourhoods. Many jurisdictions are exploring a suite of policy approaches known as “community wealth building” in response to these trends.