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And we know it. magazine truthfully titled their story on Volcanoes

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hey admin-guy who do u thinnk ru? huh? ru like some sort of NASA spy?? how can u be so sure that nasa is always r8? you, doing all this, makes it even more obvious that its true and that ur tryin to cover it up. well let me tell u something, i dont give a darn about all the nonsense that nasa is telling cause i believe in god and if he really is doing this then he has a reason and if not its cool too. everybody just butt-outbutt-out. espexcially u admin guy. STOP DEFENDING THE GOVERNMENT. they just do what they think is best for them….. oh and stop saying “thank you for ur comment” its chessy and idiotic and very roobotish.

scientists are staunchly defending truths handed to them, and without all the proof.

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I really value all the logic here. These are a few points of worry for me. If world governments knew do you really think they would tell the mass population? Multiple Wal-Mart’s have been shut down due to plumbing problems here in the states on the west coast. Jade helm is a little unsettling. Adding up propaganda doesn’t work. But the truths can be unnerving. If the higher up Did know this is how they would do it. And no I don’t think it will happen. But facts can be scary however, things can also be coincidences. Thank you for your article.

Dear Elaine, my job is to teach about astronomy and space science, I am reporting the truth. Please do not worry about this.

i agree. these things frighten me. i will always check all the NASA websites, do everything i can to find evidence this is fake. i’m not gonna say “god is real and he would never kill us” because that would be debatable, but in my religion, they say that the rapture is gonna happen, it would be the final judgement day. it would be unlikely for god to tell someone from an island “that contains adulterers and sinners” that they are gonna be judged soon.

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The same ‘scientists’ you are looking for also missed the mark with the Russian meteor a couple of years back. My point is they did not see it coming and those were scientists. The vast amount of us that do believe something is coming do so because we do not believe the government would release the data even if they knew. It would cause mass panic. So why is the government also creating very large tunnels miles underground? they are doing if for something. I won’t sit here and say Sept 2015 is when it happens, but I won’t bury my head in the sand and believe: 1:) It will not ever happen or 2:) If we knew something was coming and we could not do anything to prevent it. The government(s) would not tell the people. I think that is a sensible approach (scientific or not).

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Hi Colin,
Your article was very reassuring and extremely helpful. I guess the situation is not helped by the fact that the New York Fed has been working hard to build up a satellite office in Chicago and NORAD has decided to move back into the base deep inside Cheyenne Mountain after a very long period of time. There is also the mystery of Jade Helm which is scheduled to be conducted by the US Army in multiple states from July 15 to September 15 2015.
It would be really good if you could find out why these things are happening and continue to reassure people that a natural disaster is not eminent.
All the best,

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Thanks for telling us, I was really scared that we would get this. But is this really true? Even though I know that stories from the Bible are just fiction.

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Untruths? You mean lies. Untruths, mistruths, half truths, all must be for the politically correct, overly sensitive crowd 😉 Trying hard to get away from the Politically Correct crowds these days and replacing them with Patriotically Correct crowds.