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Northern IrelandLissan House exudes a world-weary air of resigned detachment.
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The Classical Association in Northern Ireland

Addressing the past in Northern Ireland means coming to terms with the 30-year conflict beginning in 1968 between the mostly Protestant unionist side, which sought to remain loyal to the British Crown, and the predominately Catholic republicans, who advocated for an independent Ireland. The region had been under British control for over 400 years, and as the conflict grew increasingly violent, the British government deployed the army, leading to mounting tensions: at the height of the conflict there were and patrolling a population of just 1.5 million.

Iain. If a ferry comes from northern Ireland, then they are already in the UK.
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Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association - Wikipedia

In other words, the outlines of the deal that Theresa May is likely to accept today will say that Northern Ireland will continue with more or less the same rules and regulations as the South, implying that it could, in theory, have a special deal where it more or less stays in the EU customs union and the single market.

Alternatively, we could make Northern Ireland a tax haven and then they wouldn’t need the subsidies.
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Again we have the Brussels angle. With this economic unification, will Brussels be taking over the UK taxpayers subsidy of Northern Ireland.
We would probably agree to those conditions and enjoy a tax cut for the rest of the UK.
Ireland is just the latest perceived problem being wheeled out to try and complicate Brexit.
Hard (clean) Brexit it is then.

It wants Northern Ireland complete with a large Trust fund, courtesy of the Westminster Treasury. Frankly, I would vote for that.
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The Ugly Truth About Renting a Car in Ireland - …

The UK should have put something on the negotiating table for Ireland to defend. The obvious one would have been free movement for Irish workers to come to Great Britain post-brexit because this is a difference between the treatment of Irish and other EU citizens. It would therefore have forced the Irish government to defend this right alone without the support of other governments. The UK could have conceded eventually on this point if other aspects of the Irish border issues were resolved satisfactorily. By putting nothing on the table for the Irihs to defend the UK government has instead encouraged Ireland to make a speculative bid to separate Northern Ireland from Great Britain economically which is supported by the EU leverage in its bid to keep The Uk (or at least Northern Ireland) in the single market and customs union.

Haunted Northern Ireland. North Irish Ghosts. Haunted Ireland.

Section 62 of the Police (Northern Ireland) Act 1998 states that the Ombudsman “ may . . . publish a statement as to his actions, his decisions and his determinations and his reasons”. It says nothing about the evidential threshold needing to be the criminal standard.

The Irish border with Northern Ireland - John Redwood

These efforts can have repercussions well beyond Northern Ireland, and Thompson is eager to connect RfJ’s struggle to similar struggles across the globe.

Truth Commission for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland (NI) should stay in the Customs Union and move the frontier requirements of the EU to the NI ports. We may have to buy-off the DUP with another Billion or so. Keep in mind that NI voted to stay in the EU. The Common Travel Area should go as well, if Great Britain really wants “to take back control”. That would assist tax avoidance measures also.