40 Years Ago: ELO's 'Out of the Blue' Marks a Turning Point

A turning point in the civil rights movement was the murder of Emmett Till
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What the hell no mouse-keyboard - Turning Point: Fall …

Roger Deromedi was appointed Independent Chairman and Lead Director of the Board in March 2016 and has been a Director of the Company since 2007. His tenure on Pinnacle’s Board includes serving as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board from 2009 to March 2016, as a member of the Compensation Committee from 2009 to September 2015, and as Executive Chairman of the Board from 2007 until 2009.

“It’s The Turning Point” – Bond, Stock Slump Sparks …
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The Penn State Hershey–Pinnacle Merger: A Turning Point …

In this compelling series of short videos, prominent FDU alumni discuss their careers and their "turning points" -- moments that inspired them to reach great heights.

Turning Point Academy in Charlotte, NC - Niche
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And it has looked ever since Obama’s ascendancy in 2008 that this long-term strategy had reached a tipping point of success from which there was no return — no conservative could ever win another presidential election. With each passing year, the population was getting younger, more radical, more brainwashed, etc. (Midterm/off-year elections are a somewhat different story, as regional conservative outposts could still elect representatives — but on a national scale, they were greatly outnumbered by burgeoning young generations of leftists.)

Turning Point Academy is a public school located in Charlotte, NC
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It seems to me that, but for 100,000 votes in three states, out of 125 million votes cast, this post wouldn’t see the light of day. In other words, it was a close run thing–not a paradigm shift or a turning point in world history.

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The other item to mention is that the people of the United States also have the Internet to turn to for alternate news sources besides the awful NYT, WaPo, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, or other like sources. Now we have, and the irony is palpable here, the Russian Times, Sputnik News, and others that give a genuinely different point of view of the same world events. I remember talking with a British friend of mine one time about the American Revolution. Boy, did he blow my hair back with a totally different take on that event! But the interesting thing was that he made some valid points that had me rethink a lot of things that I was taught in school about the American Revolution. But the main point is that the Left has permanently lost control of the narrative and they’ll never get that control back.