Proposed Constitution for the New States of America

reserved for the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under this Constitution; or
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Every Afghan has the right to express his thought through speech, writing, or illustration or other means, by observing the provisions stated in this Constitution.

County governments established under this Constitution shall reflect the following principles—
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Parliament shall, by legislation, make provision for the phased transfer, over a period of not more than three years from the date of the first election of county assemblies, from the national government to county governments of the functions assigned to them under Article 185.

Legislation under clause (3) may, in particular, authorise the national government—
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In order to implement proposals regarding the amendment of the Constitution, a Commission composed of members of the Government, National Assembly, and the Supreme Court, shall be established by a Presidential decree, and the commission shall prepare a draft of the amendments.

it shall not determine the boundaries of the counties established under this Constitution;
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In any dispute between governments, the governments shall make every reasonable effort to settle the dispute, including by means of procedures provided under national legislation.

Constitution begins on Mar 04, 1789

The following criteria shall be taken into account in determining the equitable shares provided for under Article 202 and in all national legislation concerning county government enacted in terms of this Chapter—

leading Congress to endorse a plan to draft a new constitution.

Except as otherwise provided by this Constitution, the functions and powers of the national government and the county governments, respectively, are as set out in the Fourth Schedule.

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The Commission shall also make recommendations on other matters concerning the financing of, and financial management by, county governments, as required by this Constitution and national legislation.

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A person who assumes the office of county governor under this Article shall, unless otherwise removed from office under this Constitution, hold office until the newly elected county governor assumes office following the next election held under Article 180(1).

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a Division of Revenue Bill, which shall divide revenue raised by the national government among the national and county levels of government in accordance with this Constitution; and

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A county’s share of revenue raised by the national government shall be transferred to the county without undue delay and without deduction, except when the transfer has been stopped under Article 225.