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Vale, Georgia, a town in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region; Norway

Lawyers may fail to understand, without explanation, how the colonists can be reported to have been contented and at peace. Happily, they were little influenced by the civil war then convulsing the mother country. There was a growing trade between the colony and its Northern neighbor, New England. In exchange for fish and other commodities, Virginians shipped tobacco, corn and cattle. In 1647 over 8,000 people lived in the colony, thousands of acres had been cleared and crops planted, 150 plows being in use. When Christmas arrived it found the people worshipping in twenty churches, each with its own minister, who received a salary equivalent to $500 per year, payable in corn and tobacco. There were anchored in James River ten vessels from London, two from Bristol, twelve from Holland, and seven from New England. The several crews totaled 800 men. Captain Brocas, of the Council, had planted a vineyard and made excellent wine; Mr. Richard Bennet had twenty butts of cider pressed from his own orchard; Sir William Berkeley had, from his orchard, apricots, peaches, mellicotons, quinces, wardens and the like, dried, pickled, preserved or otherwise disposed of; and there were wild turkeys, game, oysters, fish, poultry, pork, beef and many other delicacies of Old England.

In the late 19th century Indian Territory (Oklahoma) was considered the most violent of the American territories, as it served as home to hundreds of outlaws from around the country
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Våle, a historic municipality; Portugal

Never has American history presented a similar character : the liberal-minded youth, loved and revered by all, was to become the hated and despised despot of later years. Berkeley, as Governor before the Commonwealth, was beloved and respected; after the restoration, a blight and a disgrace to civilization. Some historians assert that, as an old man, he was dominated and swayed by a young and ambitious wife; a modern version, forsooth, of the old, old excuse, "the woman thou gayest me." Virginians who read the story of Bacon, Hansford, Drummond and others can pay little credence to such nonsense.

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Nova Francia, Nueva Espana, New Amsterdam, (New Holland), Virginia; truly America was blessed with a multiplicity of names bestowed upon it by the rival claimants to its territory. Happily the last was to prove the survivor of the three others.

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North America - Lakes: Lakes abound in North America

For the time being, colonization was discouraged. Antiquated arms in the "Tourer of London" were overhauled and shipped to Virginia, as being of sufficient use for defense against the weapons of the Indians, though not of any value "in modern European warfare." The King sent, as a loan, twenty barrels of powder, and Lord St. John, of Basing, made a present of sixty coats of mail, while the city of London and private citizens made contributions toward an emergency fund. The King volunteered to send over 400 young men, selected from the several shires, in place of those who had perished, but failed to keep his promise.

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What became of the Treasurer after the arrival of Nathaniel Butler, as new governor of Somers Islands, and his report to England of her continued deprecations, the writer has not succeeded in ascertaining, but may we not rest in expectation that some noted Virginia writer may, use the adventures of this ship as the basis for a story of the sea? The career of the Treasurer should be as familiar to the boys and girls of Virginia as any ship of colonial or modern times.

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The Treasurer returned to Jamestown in September, 1619 in consort of "a man-of-war of blushing." The arrival of these two ships and the cargo they brought with them have been the cause of many speculations and incriminations. Evidently the Treasurer is the ship alluded to as a "Dutch man-o'-war" that brought the first negroes to the colony-. The man-o'-war of Flushing no doubt must have been the Hopewell, commanded by Captain John Powell. The last named ship had previously been reported to have turned pirate and joined the Treasurer. There was every reason to suppress the names of the two ships that were permitted to land their cargoes at Jamestown, and both Powell and Elfrith were hardadventurers who did not hesitate to carry out the wishes of their employers. The report that these ships were Dutch was in keeping with the general report on all ships that had turned pirate. Brown, in his "First Republic" states, "The reports sent to England were evidently written more for the purpose of concealing the facts than of revealing them." It is not known ,when these two ships again cleared from Virginia waters, but at least twenty- negroes were left at Jamestown.

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One of the colonists, Edward Waters, had been captured by, the Nansemond Indians, and taken, with his wife, a prisoner to their village on the Nansemond River. During a storm they escaped in a canoe and landed at Kicquotan. I mention this colonist especially, as he had been one of the three Englishmen (Carter, Waters and Chard) who, when shipwrecked upon the Somer Islands in 1610, discovered a block of ambergris weighing 160 pounds and valued at about 10,000 pounds sterling. The adventures of these men, and the disposition of this great block of ambergris, the largest ever found, forms an interesting story too long to dwell upon in this volume.