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Stich chronicled the many ways that they silence whistleblowers. Stich wrote about how they took care of him. The judges in California got creativity points in Stich's case; they used an angle that I had never heard of. Stich was a multimillionaire, married many years ago, and in the 1960s he obtained a divorce in Texas. As Tom Bearden said about , they look for chinks in the target’s armor and go for the weak spot. Although Stich had been divorced for 26 years, the judges in California said that California did not recognize his Texas divorce, declared him still legally married to his ex-wife, and then used the community property laws to seize his assets. With no money, he was legally defenseless. Kangarooing somebody into prison from that point is often merely a formality.

Ad Hominem (Argument To The Man): attacking the person instead of attacking his argument

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(Thoennes, Salem & Pearson, 1994.) Suggested Protocol for Family Mediation Cases A simplified summary of the steps and procedures that should be taken to determine the viability of mediation in all cases of conflicted couples would include the following: 1. Family Mediators need to be trained in various aspects of domestic violence
a) How to recognize and identify domestic violence
b) Understanding the woman's options or lack of them in choosing to stay or leave
c) Types of abuse including physical, emotional and sexual
d) Special techniques such as private caucusing and power balancing
e) The safety issues for all involved
f) Common characteristics of abusive partners and abused partners 2. Screening needs to precede mediation.

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Many different techniques may be used to help patients recover memories of sexual abuse. These include direct questioning, hypnosis, age regression, reading survivors' books, attending survivors' groups, free association, massage therapy, dream interpretation, ideomotor signaling with the unconscious, and expanding on imagistic memories. In the FMSF questionnaire, respondents also were aware of a variety of other unconventional techniques,including prayer, meditation, neurolinguistic programming, reflexology, channeling, psychodrama, casting out demons, yoga, trance writing, and primal scream therapy.

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