“Wuthering Heights is a strange sort of book” (Douglas, WH p.301).

The author’s purpose of writing Wuthering Heights is to describe a twisted and dark romance story.
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Wuthering Heights is out on the moors in a barren landscape.

But on close scrutiny, a reader can perhaps discern the reason behind her choice, the fact that Wuthering Heights is at once a motif, a setting and according to a few critics, even a ‘premonitory indication’ of the tempestuous nature of things soon to occur....

The formal unity of Wuthering Heights has long been admired by critics.
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The people and events of Wuthering Heights share a dramatic conflict.

These brief quotes show that early critics of Emily Bronte’s first edition of Wuthering Heights, found the novel baffling in its meaning - they each agreed separately, that no moral existed within the story therefore it was deemed to have no real literary value....

This raises the question: which Romantic Movement was most common in Wuthering Heights.
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Romanticism was developing in a time in which all of society's rules, limits, and restraints on how each person should act where being questioned, tried, and twisted. Wuthering Heights is a Romantic novel which uses a tale of hopeless love to describe the clash of two cultures-Ne...

Wuthering Heights written under her pen name, Ellis Bell, was published in 1847.
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The world of Wuthering Heights seems to be a world without morals.

After his father's death, Hindley becomes the master of Wuthering Heights, along with his wife Frances.
Frances dies giving birth to a Son who is named Hareton and this leads to Hindley's fall into Alcoholism.
He then treats Heathcliff cruelly and abusively until Heathcliff runs away.
After Heathcliff's return, he gains power over Hindley by lending him money and causing him to become indebted.

Emily Bronte proves this true in her novel Wuthering Heights.

It was not printed until December
1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell VIOLENCE IN
THE COLOR PURPLE KEY QUOTATIONS: Why is Wuthering Heights so controversial?

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Following her death some of these were recovered such as the following written January 15 1848: " In Wuthering Heights the reader is shocked, disgusted, almost sickened by details of cruelty, inhumanity and the most diabolical hate and vengeance, and anon come passages of powerful testimony to the supreme power of love- even over demons in the human form....

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Characters in Wuthering Heights: HEATHCLIFF
CATHERINE EARNSHAW The confronting images of brutality and inhumanity in Wuthering Heights initially shocked many of its readers in 1847.

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Unlike stereotypical novels, Wuthering Heights has no true heroes or villains. The narration of the story is very unique and divergent because there are multiple narrators. Bronte’s character Lockwood is used to narrate the introductory and concluding sections of the novel whereas Nelly Dean narrates most of the storyline. It’s interesting that Nelly Dean is used because of her biased opinions. There are many...